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Mayor of Zero F**Ksville. 2-Time Emmy & Grammy Award Winning Comedian. 2-Time NYT Bestselling Author. 23 Televised Specials. 1 Feature Film.

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We knew this guy is a douche bag. Go to my IG stories & Swipe up

Today orange dumbass tweeted about @joyannreid, trying to get her fired and keep her from earning a living. SO let’s get her book to number one, shall we? Go to my IG stories for a swipe up to buy. Please don’t leave her hanging out to dry like I was. Tomorrow it could be you. XXOO🙏🙏🙏

Thanks for posting this yesterday @thegroundlings! 31 years ago, time flies!

After seeing Quentin’s new film this summer, I’ve been feeling nostalgic about Hollywood. Once upon a time...

If you guys remember, it rained like crazy the night before. I was on the last flight out from New York to LA. We sat on the tarmac in the pouring rain for so long. Someone asked if any of us could get off the plane and go back to the city and fly out of NYC the next day, meaning Tuesday 9/11. As you know, the policy of the airlines is not to indulge this. I landed back from New York City at LAX in the middle of the night. A handful of hours later, I was woken up with the news of the terrorist attack. Maybe what I remember most was calling a friend of mine who worked in Midtown to see if she was okay. She told me everyone was still working in the office. They hadn’t had a lot of time to follow the news (busy day) and in true New Yorker fashion, she thanked me for checking in on her and said she would talk to me later. She did. She called me soon after, shaking, terrified, and wanted to discuss how they were all mobilizing. All my New York friends (yes, including the late, great Joan Rivers) were constantly working with Ground Zero folks, helping out every way they could. NOW, the animosity from so many neighbors in the southern part of America is especially painful. There was a time when we were all united not so very long ago. There was a time when the world was united with us. Can we remember THAT?

I’m so excited to participate in a screening / Q&A for @ahellofastory at the @dtlafilmfest! Come join me on October 24th. Who do you think the moderator should be? 😉

Took this pic right before @heartofficial @joanjett @elleking rocked my world at the @hollywoodbowl. I didn’t know what I was in for! Incredible job, ladies. 👏👏👏

“I don’t give a damn bout my bad reputation”

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Unmm, Who doesn’t love a filthy mouth woman? We got your back @chrissyteigen

First amendment. Read it. Know it by heart! It’s the cool thing, kids🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Oh come on, you can hide it when the kids are around. You know you want it! Link in bio.

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