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I'm a rebel just for kicks @strong4mefit

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Forever my motivation to be strong. ❤️

A cocktail + a red lip = the perfect 💋

the lives lost on this day 18 years ago. Thank you to all military members, veterans, and first responders who have been called to serve and sacrifice for our safety and freedom. 🇺🇸

Breathtaking views at the Amanzoe! Overlooking the coast has me feeling so serene... Another great trip in the books! ❤️

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

The Odeon of Herod Atticus! This was a large theater located in the Acropolis of Athens... stunning in every sense! ✨

Soaking up the Grecian sun ☀️

Acropolis of Athens

It’s been on my bucket list to see the Acropolis— it’s known as a key symbol of the Greek legacy and glories... I’m so happy I’m finally able to see it in person! I love learning about the culture and historical value these amazing sites have to offer. Feeling so blessed to explore so much beauty here in Greece! 🇬🇷✨

VIEWS 😍 Any guesses where I might be?

Forever your fan 😍 Congrats on your 3rd no hitter @justinverlander!!

Until next time, Venice... Ciao! ❤️

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