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Canadian Knife / tool maker Just a guy in his garage making quality gear

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The last full satin hybrid just sold! This was a fun batch. Something Ill do again at some point for sure. Thanks for all of the recent orders guys!

Next chunk of Zurcuti ready to be turned into some premium pocket tools. What tools do you guys want to see??

Hybrids are live! As a thank you fornall of the recent support I put a special price on em. Check out to snag one 🍻🍻🍻

Thanks for all of the feedback on these! Quite a bit of work but they do look super clean. Working on the listings now 🍻🍻

Clean shop. Feels good. 🍻

What are yournguys thoughts on this setup. Full satin G5 hybrid. Both layers and screws 6al4v Ti, first time ever with the Zircuti underlay! Let me know! May or may not have a very small batch (4 pieces) for the site later tonight!

Early morning shot of these flash auction pieces for this Sunday. More info soon 🍻

G11 with new copper scale and Ti hardware. Check out for all the info. 🍻

Thanks for the orders! Just this G2.5 remains. You guys think ai should do another small Zircuti batch??

These Mokume beads, and the Zircuti G5s are live now 🍻

Couldnt wait to finish up the last 3 pieces in this Zircuti batch. These guys will be on the site in an hour or so 🍻

Those went quick! Thanks for the orders .. all 3 were gone in about 90 seconds. 🍻🍻 I still have 2 or 3 pieces left to finish.. thanks again!

One more day! These guys will be live tomorrow on the website! JWOYTAZKNIVES.COM

Went a little deeper with the colors on this Zircuti G2.5 .. this piece and a couple other will be available this Friday. JWOYTAZKNIVES.COM

Loving the low layer look of this G5 mid. This and a few other pieces will be up for grabs next Friday!

These 3 pieces will be up for grabs in a week or so. Hope you all have a great weekend🍻

Next 3 pieces in the small, zircuti batch. Full size G5, G2.5 and a G5 mid. Which one is your favorite?

This guy sold quick! Thanks for all of the feedback. Gonna tru to have another built tomorrow. JWOYTAZKNIVES.COM

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