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K I’m done

My kiddos

becoming a crazy cat man


A little art piece I made for my boy @ryangood24 shoutout my little @kaws companions... who wants me to make 10 of these and sell them??

Love you @bigsean MY BROTHER FOR LIFE. Known you like 10 years now !!

@c.syresmith ur my inspiration

Gluten free toast steak sunny side up eggs and avacado (thanx)

Better at 70 baby. I love you more everyday. You challenge me, strengthen me and your overall way cooler and more awesome than I am and I’m okay with that

here + now means being present and enjoying the moment. check my story to try my collab with @schmidtsnaturals before it hits stores

Getaways with you are all I need

Top ramen

Hope you find time to read this it’s from my heart

Shoutout @goldteethgod for the ill new grill

I also just found out that I’m related to both Ryan gosling and Avril Lavigne this is the best day of my life.. it seems super legit it’s on

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