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📍New York ▪️I have Type 1 Diabetes 💉 ▪️YouTube: JTM_FIT ▪️📧: ▪️ ▪️⬇️TRAINING PROGRAMS⬇️

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🔥INCREASE YOUR VERTICAL🔥 - - Want to increase your vertical?! Start building these bad boys into your routines. The depth drop to vertical jump is a great way to build that strong vertical. The name of the game is to produce as much force as possible into the ground and take that force and move it vertically as quickly as possible. Just that mind connection alone will make you more explosive and able to jump higher. Think max power and height on every jump! 5 sets of 5 with 90-120 seconds rest👊🏻 - - 💯💯Training programs at or click the link in my bio💯💯 - - building

Build explosive power/ strength with these two rotational full exercises. The entire is being worked here but there’s a heavy core focus on both. Rotational work is an often neglected piece of a lot of people’s training but it is essential for everyday functionality and of course athletic performance. Try out these two exercises. They will light you up!🔥 - - Band Pallof Press to Power Rotation Band Power Hooks - - 💯💯Training programs at or click the link in my bio💯💯

🔥CORE🔥 - - This one was tough! Takes a ton of full body/core stability and core strength. If you feel up for a challenge give it a go!💪🏻💪🏻 - -

🔥Upper Body Dumbbell Work🔥 - - There are endless variations for targeting the upper using dumbbells. One of the great things about dumbbells is they bring a ton of instability into the mix. Not having a fixed implement like a barbell, really challenges the to stabilize the weight and allows you to build symmetrical strength/muscle throughout the . Dumbbell training should absolutely be a part of your weekly routines. They really help illuminate imbalances, build stability, and of course build strength/muscle💪🏻 - - Head over to my YouTube channel to check out 30 of my favorite upper dumbbell exercises to build muscle💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 - - YouTube: JTM_FIT - - building

Posterior strength and power🔥 A couple movements from my workout today. The key here is to go heavy but not so heavy that you cant move the weight with speed and power. Love mixing in movements like this to stay athletic and powerful💪🏻💪🏻 - - Deadlift Row Sumo Ballistic Row - - 💯💯Training programs at or click the link in bio💯💯 - -

Constantly striving to better myself and those around me. I spend time every morning asking for strength to be the best human I can be and to get out of my own way. We all have the power to make an impact. One of the most profound ways to do that is to lead by example. Walk the walk. As the saying is cheap. Let’s get to work💪🏻 - -

2 kettlebell core moves that you absolutely should be doing🔥Build core strength and shoulder strength/stability with both moves. Definitely give these 2 a go!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 - - KB North to South Plank KB S. Arm Straight Leg Sit Up - - 💯💯Training programs at or click the link in bio💯💯 - -

- - The Turkish Get Up is a great exercise for building full strength and stability. It’s a movement I see done incorrectly often. Let me take you through all of the steps to executing this exercise with excellent form. Make sure to start with light weight or with no weight at all and really master all of the steps before adding more weight💪🏻 - - building

It’s a new week and it’s time to get to work. Let’s go💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 - - 🎵 Gangstarr- Work - -

- - One of my favorite ways to finish off the biceps👌🏻Get after this one👊🏻 - - 3-4 SETS /60-90 sec in btw sets ISO Supinated Hold x 8 sec Supinated Curls x 8 Hammer Curls x 8 ISO Hammer Hold x 8 sec - - 💯Training programs at💯 - -

Just because I’m an athlete doesn’t mean I don’t have imbalances and things that I need to fix/improve. @moveushirtlessdude noticed that one of my traps was higher than the other and did a great job at breaking down why. I loved shooting content with @moveu and the whole crew. Very knowledgeable and killing it with their craft and their programs. Make sure to follow their page and check out their programs💪🏻💪🏻 - - - -

🔥CORE CHALLENGE🔥 - - I love this combo for building unilateral shoulder stability, anterior and posterior shoulder strength, and core strength and stability👌🏻 This one will light you up real quick! No need to go heavy with the dumbbell. 5-15 pounds or no weight at all for a modification. The name of the game with this one is to have complete control and to not move your at all. Lock that core in! Go for 8-10 on each side. 3-4 sets💪🏻 - - 💯💯Training programs at or click the link in my bio💯💯 - -

Testing the boundaries and seeing what my is capable of🤘🏻 Have a great day of training👊🏻 - - - building

🔥Assault Bike Challenge🔥 - - 20 calories as fast as possible! My time was 17 seconds. Such a great challenge to use with you and your training partners, clients or with your gyms/ members. Definitely give this one a go and see how you do! Tag me👊🏻 - - 🎥 @shootmadonna

🔥Kettlebell Workout🔥 - - Try out this fast and affective KB workout! All you need is one kettlebell. Perform 1 deadlift, 1 Bent Row, 1 Clean, and 1 Thruster on both sides. That’s 1 rep. Do 5 total reps. 8-10 sets. 1-2 minutes rest in between sets. Go as heavy as you can while being able to maintain excellent technique. Let’s get it done👊🏻 - - - 💯💯Tons of kettlebell workouts like this one in The Functional Method Training Series. Sign up today and take your training to the next level! Click the link in my bio or head to💯💯 - - - 🎥 @shootmadonna

These 2 upper body/core movements pack a serious punch🔥 The explosive lateral push Up to Superman Hold and the L sit to Russian Dip. Both are no joke and are going to light you up👊🏻 - - - 💯💯Training Programs at💯💯 - - - 🎥 @shootmadonna

🔥The Barbell Deadlift🔥 - - The deadlift is one of our most functional movement patterns. So many movements stem from the deadlift. You must master the basic deadlift before moving on to more advanced movement patterns involving the deadlift. Check out a couple of my pro tips to perfecting your technique💪🏻 All in under 60 seconds haha - - - 💯💯Have you done one of my training programs yet?! Get started today and completely change the way you train forever. Head to or click the link in bio💯💯 - - - 🎥 @shootmadonna

🔥Leg Day Warm Up🔥 . . Stop messing around and take 5-10 minutes to properly warm up👌🏻 Everyone wants to crush a workout with a ton of reps without warning up. You might get by for a little while like this but I assure you Father Time will take it’s toll. Warming up will keep you in the game. You have to take the time to prep for workouts if you want to stay injury free and continue to crush it. Give this warm up a go next leg day👊🏻 . . Lateral Band Walk 1x20 (ea side) Monster Walks 1x20 (ea side) Front Lunge to Psoas Reach 1x10 (ea side) Good Morning to Back Squat 1x10 (just the bar) Down Dog to Pigeon 1x10 (ea side) . . 💯Training programs at💯 . . .

Didn’t feel great in today’s workout but just kept pushing forward and got it done. Some days I just don’t have that extra gear. On days like this is particular, I just have to be grateful that I can do the things I do. Sometimes you have to just put your head down and keep trudging👊🏻 @asrv . .

One of my all time favorite kettlebell complexes from The Functional Method 1.0💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 If you haven’t done this one yet get on it! Perform 5 reps of each exercise without resting as demonstrated in the video. Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets. 5-8 sets. Go as heavy as you can while being able to maintain excellent posture and technique👌🏻 . . American Swing x 5 Thruster x 5 Burpee High Pull x 5 Jumping Goblet Squat x 5 American Swing x 5 . . 💯💯Training programs at or click the link in our bio💯💯 . .

Two of my favorite barbell burpee combos to build strength, muscle and endurance🔥🔥 Try these out in your next workout. Aim for a 6-10 rep range depending on heavy you go. As always, make sure your technique is on point. Never sacrifice your technique for intensity. Let’s get it done!👊🏻 . . Burpee Clean to Press Suitcase Deadlift to Over Bar Burpee . . 💯💯Check our my training programs for more badass movements like these! Head to💯💯 . .

🔥Lower Abs🔥 . . The lower abs are tougher to build and develop. In many ab exercises the hip flexors are the prime mover. That’s why you feel like your “quads” or flexors, are the first thing to really get fatigued and fail. There are a few exercises out there that I find to really target the lower abs while taking out the hip flexors almost entirely. Try the Dip Bar Pike Up. This movement almost completely takes the hip flexors out of the equation making the lower abs and the rest of the abdominis the prime mover in the piking movement pattern. This one also builds great upper strength and stability as do a lot of supported core movements like L sits and all it’s variations. Definitely start building in the Dip Bar Pike Up into your routines! Your abs aren’t going to know what hit them👊🏻 . . 💯💯Have you tried one of my programs yet?! Join the thousands and get started today at💯💯 . . weighttraining

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