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John Stortz

Steady hands, wandering feet.

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Brooklyn Heights

Soaking up the solstice with a good cat and a decent dog.

Sneaky weekend getaway with some good perritos bonitos.

this house is haunted.

Thank you for helping eat the cat litter this morning. Grateful that you waited until getting home to the living room rug before barfing it all back up. It’s the little things that mean a lot.

Brooklyn, New York

Hello new old home

Morning calm turning the water to glass and this dope is probably off somewhere in his head thinking about a big wet pile of garbage he could be rolling around in

Sour cream dollop dog in a 7 layer dip world

Awendaw, South Carolina

Letting life fall into place. Unless it falls wrong -then scramble to piece it together the way you want it when you think no one is looking.

South Santee, South Carolina

Been through so many abandoned places and not once have I come across any remnants of a death cult. Oh well - a dude can dream.

What did we do to deserve dogs

English Turkish