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NY Times investigative reporter, Pulitzer winner, co-author with @mega2e of SHE SAID, taking you inside the Weinstein investigation.

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Greenlight Bookstore

First picture: one of my most prized possessions, the post-it @ronlieber left on my laptop as we faced off with Weinstein. Second picture: us last night, as he took me to @greenlightbklyn to see SHE SAID in the wild for the first time. Thank you to @ronlieber for everything that tiny scrap of paper represents and more. (And thanks to @theheirloomist for helping me preserve that slip of paper.)

Staggered by the reviews of SHE SAID. Thank you to everyone who helped us create this book. The sources who endured difficult conversations. Ann Godoff and Penguin Press. So many others. And if you read this book— and/or tell others about it— our deepest thanks to you as well.

Here’s the back cover of SHE SAID, coming Tuesday. @mega2e and I cannot wait to hear your reaction to all of it: the behind the scenes narrative of the Weinstein investigation, the wrenching decisions of the first women to speak up, the fresh revelations about who helped him and how. And Christine Blasey Ford’s first account of her experience coming forward. To anyone and everyone who reads this book: Thank you for joining our partnership for the duration of these pages, for puzzling through these events and clues as we have, for witnessing what we witnessed, and hearing what we heard.

We have so much new information to share – in the book and in person. Please join us (and Bob Woodward, @ashley_judd, @wsslyy and many others.) Tix and more info at Would be overjoyed to see you there.

Mother-daughter portrait at camp pickup. Note graffiti, including the fine print.

Thank you for writing this incredible book, @lauramlippman. I’m rapt, obsessed, torn between inhaling it fast and savoring it slowly.

The New York Times

Today’s story. Memories from this week: the deja-vu horror at the scope of allegations. The sprint to learn as much as possible, as carefully as possible. The satisfaction of uncovering new information. The joy of being back at, and in the paper, after book leave. My ritual, whenever I have a Sunday story, of going to a deli on a Saturday night to see the first stack of papers. Gratitude for the teamwork of Mike McIntire, Vanessa Friedman, @sarahmaslinnir, @jacobbernsteinnyc, Dennis Overbye, and always always @rlc0108, @mega2e and Rory Tolan. And thank you to @chelseahandler, who made me laugh amid the tears over the horror of the Epstein situation.

The New York Times

Lindsay Crouse puts it perfectly.

Since I’m almost done with Educated, I’m reading everything else I can find by Tara Westover, including this very wise graduation speech.

New York, New York

My husband works so hard and cares so much and I just logged onto Twitter to discover that he won a @loebawards for uncovering a massive student loan nightmare that was torturing untold numbers of teachers and other public servants. Hell yes to you and your righteous anger @ronlieber.


Real talk: there is little better in the Life Lottery than parents who really, really help with your kids. Got this pic today as I was grinding over our book manuscript. I choked up with gratitude then and I’m doing it again now. Thank you, mom and dad.

The three year old nailed the Mah Nishtana (she wore her Fancy Nancy costume for the occasion) so her older sister shot whipped cream into her mouth.

We have so much to tell you about the Weinstein investigation— and what happened afterward. Coming Oct. 1, by me and @mega2e, from Penguin Press.

SoHo Playhouse

Oh my god. Basically just happy to be living in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s world.

Penetrated ISIS. Made the brilliant podcast Caliphate. Covered the fall of Mosul in her second trimester. Happy almost-motherhood to @callimachir, one of the baddest in the business.

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