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“Like the River Loves the Sea” shining new album out now on No Quarter

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Gone nocturnal and taking Frank Sinatra with me. Pre-dawn air is full of jasmine

Cheers to the good neighbors growing sunflowers and hemp 🌻🌱

Played deputy and harmony in the new Bonnie “Prince” Billy wild western. Single released today ahead of the upcoming album on which @twosandfews and I play and play. “At the Back of the Pit” musical video on youtube up now, where you can see my sick trick riding skills

The sounds on this album are meant to bust open those long painted-shut windows, wrap you in wool blankets, and whisper things to the hair on the back of your neck. It has fully arrived in the world now (complete with lyrics, artwork by Kevin Earl Taylor, and a piece of writing by Max Porter). Find it and maybe some decent headphones, a mossy shack in the woods, or a dog to walk someplace. That’s your Sunday sorted. Links in bio for ways to listen. Photo by @mickiewintersart Thanks for all the support and love

Probably have made it amply clear by now, but the album is out today!! Excited to share the whole thing. While it was made during a time on earth that has been rough and confusing, I found some joy and understanding in making it and I hope it will bring a kind of pleasure to you too. Here’s me posing at the gas station on I-65N. This apparently is how the pros do it.

Suggested fall weather activities

Made it to Asheville to back our Bonnie “Prince” Billy. See y’all tonight Transfigurations festival @harvestrecordsavl

Dwight listens intently as I read to him how the new album got 9/10 IN UNCUT!!! !!! !! and we’re in this big central picture together! I talked to the lovely human @stephendeusner at our home and he wrote it up, along with contributions from longtime collaborators @julepwillow @wignifier @twosandfews @danielmartinmoore and @james.elkington My heart is very full, if only for another great document of the life of Dwight Lightning

From the porch the other night, which was sadly our last Maiden Radio hang for a while. Cheyenne heads off for Dublin for a year to do badass music therapy work. So all my Irish friends out there, look out for this great fiddler and singer. but don’t steal her away 💚

Once I got invited to a magical island by Jenny Slate and Ben Shattuck, (that’s her curly head peepin). Nathan and I played for the writers they had brought there in the spring. Jenny gave me a great gift in recommending POND by Claire-Louise Bennett, a hilarious and brilliant little book that has in it a passage that perfectly captures the silly and often oppressive tendency of adults? to label and over explain to children the otherwise complex and ambiguous world we live in. Leaving no room for exploration, discovery, and wonder... ... Jenny has a book coming out in November. I heard her read bits of it and it left me itching to get my hands on more of her special kind of magic. More to look forward to in the fall~~

Last night in the most elegant barn loft to be found, we played some music while @lostriversessions filmed.

Another First of August rolls around. It has been 7 years since DMM and I made this video in the Embry theater in Cincinnati, Ohio (I still dream of the old school kick-able front stage lights). 7 year intervals are a good measure of life and change. In 7 years, most of the cells in your body will have been replaced. You are a new version... You can hear my old form on YouTube, “First of August - Daniel Martin Moore & Joan Shelley”

One more hug of puppy for the road One more hug of puppy ‘fore I go 🎵

This teal line on the horizon of Lake Michigan meets Iceland’s Mt. Esja on the cover of the upcoming album. We made a limited run of teal vinyl exclusively for those who pre-order through Bandcamp. The cover painting by @kevinearltaylorstudio is a dream in real life.

Happy Birthday to my main dude, who has gone gamely through these wild last 3 years with me, been the entire “joan shelley” band and crew, and the inspiration for so many songs. Cheers to Nathan Salsburg everybody!!

“Cycle” is a song for letting things sink back into dormant soil, and seeing what still has life come the spring. This may resonate with those of you who especially love the fall for its sensorial/chemical cues. Video by the peerless @douglasmillerart whose butterfly curiosity stems from Louisville’s (and the world’s) greatest Muhammad Ali. Went to Iceland to record this new album, and asked @james.elkington to produce after years of loving working with him. Had my dear Nathan Salsburg by my side, joined by some incredible string arrangements played by the Icelandic sisters: Þórdís Gerður And Sigrún Kristbjörg Jónsdóttir. So that’s two songs now, two points on the compass for where this album is going. I’m eager to share the whole package with you come August 30th. Not long now. You’re welcome to listen freely, share widely, and pre-order on the link in bio. And check out the new fall tour dates with Jake Fussell (whose new album is out and reliably incredible) on

Virtue Cider

Backstage in the land of cider

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