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Ready to take over the 🌎 💞 @angels_for_animal_rescue

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Love the skin you are in (photo )

This is what look like 😂! Moje ciało, moja skóra potrzebują nawilżenia. Dodatkowo lubię, kiedy kosmetyki ładnie pachną. Ten krem ma obłędny zapach. @bielenda

A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty 💞 photo by @stareoness (photo taken at )

What are some of your favorite girl names ? Jakie wam sie podobaja imiona dziewczyny . (Photo )

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful . Sophia Loren (photo )

I love you more than anything in the world right now, and I can’t even imagine how crazy in love I am going to be when I see your face for the first time. (Photo taken at 28weeks)

Life is short and never perfect ! Start each day with positive thinking and keep smiling all day. @secretlashes 😃

It’s a girl 💞👨‍👩‍👧🙏🏻 👧 ..

Almost a Family portrait @winstonrising @nunes451

Finally can share my exciting news with everyone ! After working over a year on this liquid collagen @iuvenianaturals i can finally announce it is exclusively available on @amazon @amazonlifestyle ! Use my code JOANNAFRIEND and get yours 50 percent off through Labor Day! The reason I chose a liquid form of collagen is because liquid is much better than powders or pills because it gets in the bloodstream faster and more of the collagen is actually absorbed. This is a marine collagen, which is proven to be better than the other types. The other great ingredients we have in it, Liposomal Vitamin C which is great for immune system but also stimulates collagen growth. And reverse-vine, which is the property found in grapes that activates our “longevity” gene and protects cells from inflammation. If u are pregnant or lactating please consult your doctor. Please share your opinion with me once u get a chance to try it :) link : Available only in the USA as of now.

A quote from my interview re Hate aka Bullying , LGBT, Women’s right s , God and fighting Hashimoto . If you want to judge me or others I suggest , look in the mirror . If you see an angel in human form, someone that is honest , helpful, doesn’t hurt others , doesn’t cheat ,respects others , then you can state your opinion. I can’t stand the hypocrisy of people being judge-mental and then thinking that showing up in church is gonna erase their sins . Look at yourself before u have the nerve to judge others and how they live their life . Jeśli ktoś chce mnie krytykować, to polecam mu, by najpierw stanął przed lustrem. Jeśli spoglądając w lustro zobaczy anioła w ludzkiej skórze, kogoś, kto jest szczery, pomocny, nie wyrządza innym krzywdy, nie zdradza, szanuje ludzi, to wtedy może komentować moje życie. W innym wypadku nie ma prawa wypowiadać się na mój temat. Zresztą, nie interesują mnie opinie ludzi, którzy chodząc do kościoła, chowają się ze swoim prawdziwym obliczem sądząc, że sama modlitwa zmaże ich grzechy. @stareoness @malgorzata_urbanska_mua @jarekmlotkowski.hairstylist @justyna_bulinska @kasialaszcz.fashionstylist

My dream was always to have a shoot like this the day I am pregnant. I knew there is one photographer that i can trust to recreate my vision and Marlena sure did @stareoness. First photo pre photoshop straight from the lens 💞❤️ Zawsze marzyłam, żeby zrobić taka sesje podczas ciąży. Wiedziałam, że jest tylko jedna osoba, która może ją zrobić i jest to właśnie Marlena! Nawet przed photoshop zdjęcia wyglądają pięknie! To zdjęcie jest właśnie przed obróbka. Dziękuje 💗 @stareoness.@malgorzata_urbanska_mua @jarekmlotkowski.hairstylist @kasialaszcz.fashionstylist @justyna_bulinska @tygodnikwprost. Was

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