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floral designer and mommy living in socal...also posting cute stuff @thedaydreamrepublic @thedollhouserepublic ✉️

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Be the Light @gavinnewsom ☀️ Please veto SB276...medicine is NOT one size fits all...this bill dangerously erodes the doctor patient relationship and puts the lives of vaccine injured children (and those at risk for future injury) in the hands of a state appointed health official who has never met them and does not know them the way their own doctors and parents do...SB276 is an irresponsible use of state funds (upwards of 15 million dollars) to down on about 4000 children (which is less than 1% of all children attending school in our state) who hold ME’s and have VALID reasons for questioning or foregoing certain vaccines due to past reactions...when legislators passed SB277 removing religious and personal beliefs exemptions, they promised that medical exemptions would still be honored and given to those that need them...but here we are only 3 years later and autonomy is being stripped away if vaccine injured kids want to attend public and private school in California...PLEASE veto this bill and fight for our rights as parents, Californians and human beings 💛 (for anyone interested in more details on why I oppose this bill, check out or click on one of the accounts be clear, this is NOT about being pro vaxx or anti vaxx...this is about medical freedom...I have stayed silent on this issue for years because I know how controversial it is but NO is the time to speak up)

Arroyo Quemado

They won’t remember these days for my thighs or cellulite...they will remember their ma who walked up and down the beach with them collecting all kinds of treasures (shells, lobster bodies, seaweed, mussels and a sea urchin!) to build the most epic sandcastle we have ever made...they will remember their ma, covered in sand and not caring about her tummy rolls every time she bent over to dig the moat I get closer and closer to 40, I holding onto the words of one of my faves @catandnat, “Let go of the idea of perfect, they’ll never remember most of what you do or how you do it, but they’ll remember how they felt when you were there, and that’s all they want - is you there just the way you are”...oh and take the picture ladies...TAKE THE FRIGGIN it for them...because when they look back on these, all they will see is a mom who showed up 💛

Santa Barbara, California

Celebrating summer for a few more days in the best way we know how... ☀️🍊🍾🧀🌿

Westside, Costa Mesa

☀️ Summer Forever ☀️ I’m normally so burned out on weddings and flowers by the end of August that I’m usually ready for summer to end so I can cozy up and spend more time with my family...but this was the first season in 15 YEARS where I didn’t take on any summer weddings...nope, not one...does the loss of income suck? Yes. Does not having floral content to post mean people have no idea I still do event florals? Yes. Does it matter? No guys, it doesn’t...this summer was one for the books with our kids - multiple road trips and vacations, pool days, beach days, play dates, camp outs, adventures with grandparents, movie theater trips and just enjoying our own backyard and home more...I feel like we are at a golden age for our kids (ages 5.5 and 7.5) and the last 3 months have been such a blessing for us to spend more intentional time with each other vs me stressing all summer long about how to keep perishable product alive in extreme heat on the most important day of someone’s life lol...I have worked my off for 15 wedding seasons straight and I just needed a friggin break! So THANK YOU Summer more week to celebrate and we are gonna make the most of it l! 🙌🏻

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Hume Lake - you are magical ✨✨✨ we had the best day there, parked on the side of the road and found our own little shaded and private spot to play and relax all day...there was also a fun rock slide area! Then back to camp for S’mores, frisbee, hammock swinging and tree climbing 🌲 Sequoia + King’s Canyon Days 2-3 are saved in my “Sequoiyeahs” highlight if you’re thinking about taking a trip there and want some ideas!

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Sequoia National Park - Day 1 🌲 a drive through Tunnel Log, a climb to the top of Moro Rock, setting up cp ong the most stunning trees and a dinner of chili + cast iron cornbread 🙌🏻 it was such an azing start to our trip and I already missing that place so much (just not the lack of showers 😳)...I have been saving the details in my “Sequoiyeahs” story highlight in case anyone wants any tips or recommendations for traveling to Sequoias/Kings Canyon...these parks did not disappoint!!

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Camping cocktails ✨✨✨ Charred Lemon + Rosemary Gin and Tonics with Coriander + Peppercorns✨✨✨ been getting a lot of DMs about these in my stories so I figured I would share the recipe below! This was so refreshing after setting up our campsite and it would work perfectly as an early fall cocktail as well! DO IT: Put a cast iron over high heat and allow to get hot then lightly spray with oil Cut 1 lemon into quarters and place them cut side down in pan...once charred, turn and char the other cut edges Remove from pan and set aside to cool Place 2 full sprigs rosemary, 1/4 tsp coriander and 1/2 cup gin (I used @hendricksginfrance) in a pitcher Use a wood muddler to lightly bash the aromatics Divide a cup of ice between 2 glasses and strain gin mixture into both glasses Top up with tonic water (I used @fevertreemixers) and squeeze a charred lemon wedge into each Give them a stir and garnish with the lemon, a bit of rosemary and a pinch of peppercorns Enjoy!!

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Grubby kids, incredible scenery, FULL HEARTS...Back home after 4 days off the grid, camping and exploring Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks with some of my favorite families...12 kids between us but we did it! I have never seen trees as large, I have never seen faces and feet as and I have never felt such pride watching our crew of kids enjoy nature and each other’s company this week - I pray they keep these memories as a foundation for life and that trips like these are what them into kind, empathetic adults, forever marveling at Gods creation and this magnificent earth we live on 🙌🏻

Jowett Family Road Trip 2019 - Sequoia + Kings Canyon National Parks, we comin in hot!! (pro tip - leave around bedtime the night before and stay at a cheap hotel outside the parks on the first night so the kids sleep through the drive and you’re there bright and early to get a head start!)

Still crushing on these blooms we created for a mock-up with @agoodaffair - Spring blooms + Fall color palette = floral perfection

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

This is my first summer off in 15 years...And I have been taking full advantage of this time to travel as much as possible! Daydreaming about our stay @ranchovalencia 2 weeks ago with some of my , celebrating our dear friend @thevenuereport @foundedbyhippies turning 40! Margaritas at check in, cabanas by the relaxation pool, private hot tub and outdoor fireplace, fresh orange juice delivered to our rooms in the morning and cast iron cinnamon rolls for breakfast - it was pretty much the best slumber party ever 🙌🏻 Most of all, it was so nice to spend quality time with my fellow business owners + mamas who I respect and admire the out of...thank you @ranchovalencia for taking such good care of us and giving us some much needed time away to celebrate! Our hearts are full 💗

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