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FINALLY! I can actually eat a logo I designed! -

I realized that I forgot to post my progress video on my phone doodle. -

A quick doodle on my phone while watching this guy talking. I like trying to break down a person into simple shapes and colors. -

This was a short, stylized, simplistic animated bit that I made for a Zach King video. A parody of the famous "Death Star" sequence. This was for the 4H Club and specifically about a device that literally zaps mosquitos with a laser! Originally, my concept was to make this into a "Death Spray" and had the characters look more like bug exterminators. The final result clearly needed to be more laser focused. - @zachking

End card drawing for an Aaron’s Animals video, titled “Pet Peeves - Driving”. You can watch it on their YouTube channel. @aaronsanimals @youtube

My attempt at a caricature of John Quincy Adams, USA’s 6th President. -

Another small quick drawing on my phone. -

Another drawing on my phone using Procreat Pocket. - @procreate

My younger daughter drew this bit of “reflection art” after our screening of The Dark Crystal last night. It’s an image of her holding the Shard standing in front of the Crystal. We watched it at our house with some friends and all of our children and it all went surprisingly well! My kids were totally into the story and characters. They all got excited when I showed them the trailer for the soon to be released miniseries on Netflix, Age of Resistance. - @hensoncompany @netflix

So as I was pulling out of the parking lot at my job, I discovered that I had a passenger. -

Another small doodle on my phone. -

2 more awkwardly draw faces on my phone. -

Another small doodle on my phone. -

Another small doodle on my phone.

Haven’t posted one of these in a while. A small phone doodle using Procreate Pocket.

My drawing for the Aaron’s Animals’ video of “How To Be a Better Purr-son”, starring Prince Michael the Cat. Watch it on their YouTube channel. @aaronsanimals @prince_michael__ @youtube

Enjoying a little evening entertainment. @_bunnyninja_ @cmfrenn

Another quick finger doodle on my phone using Procreate Pocket. This is my favorite one, so far. @procreatepocket

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