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Planet Earth

Awesome to see everyone around the world that showed up for the . Even more awesome to see the incredible momentum of the movement coming from the youth. Our children certainly have the most to lose. Proud of all the friends, companies and organizations in the outdoor industry making a stand to demand action on the global climate crisis. We know first hand what it looks like, what it feels like and what we have to lose. 🙏🏼 @protectourwinters @accessfund @americanalpine @thenorthface @jeremyjones @tommycaldwell @argonautphoto @hawkeyehuey @jonessnowboards 📸 Olivia Harris / NYTimes 📸Bryan Smith / Getty I look forward to what I’m sure will be an intelligent productive exchange of ideas in the comments below 😂

What daydreams are made of...Thanks for the 📸 @jeffjohnson_beyondandback @yeti

It was a good night for the @freesolofilm team. A bit surreal. Just wanted to express my gratitude to our friends, family and everyone that has supported us, the film and taken the time to see it. The Emmy’s marked the end of what has been a run of a lifetime. I don’t take a moment of it for granted. But as always, the process of making the film and working with all the incredible people that poured their hearts into it remains the true reward. Chai and I are incredibly grateful to our extraordinary team. Free Solo swept 7 for 7 last night and the team walked home w 20 statues in total. Seeing our friends and closest collaborators recognized for the excellence they brought to the film was a fitting ending to an incredible journey. 🙏🏼 Thank you to our producers Shannon Dill and @peconic21. And endless gratitude to @alexhonnold @sannimccandless @courteney_monroe @natgeo and @natgeodocs for trusting us throughout. 📸: @c_albert Outstanding Achievement in Editing (non-fiction): Bob Eisenhardt Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography (non-fiction): Jimmy Chin Clair Popkin (@clairpopkin) Mikey Schaefer (@mikeylikesrocks) Outstanding Achievement Directing (documentary): Chai Vasarhelyi (@chaivasarhelyi ) Jimmy Chin Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing (non-fiction): Deborah Wallach Filipe Messeder Jim Schultz Roland Vajs Nuno Bento Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing (non-fiction): Tom Fleischmann Ric Schnupp Tyson Lozensky Jim Hurst (@jimhurst) Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition (documentary): Marco Beltrami Brandon Roberts Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media: Chai Vasarhelyi Jimmy Chin Evan Hayes (@peconic21. Framestore

Night missions in Morocco w @alexhonnold and @tommycaldwell. We spent three weeks in Morocco filming for @freesolofilm. Much of it didn’t make it into the film, not because it wasn’t badass (it was) but because it didn’t move the narrative forward. It’s worth noting that Alex and Tommy climbed and freed the three biggest formations in Taghia in a brutal 24 hour push combining over 75 pitches of climbing and too many 5.12 to 5.13 pitches to count. It went under the radar because of the confidential nature of the shoot but is probably one of the greatest climbing link ups of all time. They both said it was more difficult in scale and difficulty than their legendary and unrepeated all free triple link up of Mount Watkins, Half Dome and El Cap. . Also a reminder that in theaters across China and Japan...see it on the big screen!

When life was simpler. Eat, sleep, climb. Repeat. First shot is from the Buttermilk’s back when you rarely saw anyone around in the fall. Yeah that’s me playing a djembe. I know...hilarious. Second shot is from the Camp 4 parking lot around 1998. I may or may not have slept there illegally at some point. I was hanging out w @brady_robinson getting ready for our first Nose in a day. I’d just recently met @deanpotter @timmyoneill @cedarwright and some of the other monkeys that would become family for the next 20 years. That’s my little blue Subaru I lived out of for almost 7 years. It eventually exploded somewhere outside of Moab on my way to @highsteph’s place. It lived a good life...and so did I. Thanks for the pics and the memories Evan Howe.


The mist drifted over us, around us. No more sun, just the void looming to our right. At -30f, snow squeaks under your crampons, eyelashes freeze. Everything feels a little more consequential. @conrad_anker and I swapped leads across the wind sculpted ridge slowly making our way towards the upper head wall. Still the coldest day of climbing I’ve ever done. @thenorthface @thenorthface_climb

@kitdski drawing lines. Greenland. @thenorthface @thenorthface_snow we come! @freesolofilm opens in 7000+ theaters in China this week. Stoked to share the film across the Pacific. Always love seeing the different takes on movie posters. Anyone see what’s wrong w the first photo? @chaivasarhelyi @alexhonnold @natgeo @natgeodocs

Antarctica... we’d just barely finished our climb on Ulvetanna the day before the end of trip. It was nice not to have the climb hanging over us anymore. No agenda. No pressure. Just wandering the ice w @conrad_anker and friends taking in the great white open on our last night out on the ice. A night to remember. @thenorthface

Today is Global Climbing the gym, on the wall or in the alpine. Hope you’re getting after it today... • @thenorthface is partnering w 300 gyms in 200 cities in 50 countries around the world today. Check for a participating gym near you! Link in bio. @ashimashiraishi @alexhonnold @renan_ozturk • Since 1966, @thenorthface and its athletes have viewed walls not as obstacles, but as opportunities. • From the big walls of Yosemite to the high peaks of the Himalayas, we were searching for a personal kind of freedom. • In this pursuit, we found a community strengthened by different stories, experiences and perspectives. • This community has shown us that the only way forward is together. • We believe in a world that is united by difference, bound by empathy and strengthened by understanding. • Walls Are Meant For Climbing.

Thank you to the @tetonscience for the beautiful evening at the Murie Ranch for the Spirit of Conservation Awards. I was honored and humbled for your recognition. I’ve called Jackson and the Tetons home for 20 years. Beyond the mountains, I’ve been inspired throughout my career by the legacy of this place and my community in Jackson - from the Murie’s that started the Wilderness Society and spearheaded what would become the Wilderness Act and the modern conservation movement, to all the hard charging alpinists, climbers, skiers and snowboarders. It’s a remarkable community to be a part of. Thank you for all your support over the years. Feels like we’ve been through a lot together. I know people protect what they love and with that love comes a sense of responsibility to the earth. These are the seeds of conservation. I can only hope my work inspires people to get outside, to fall in love with the landscapes we play in and to continue to fight to preserve these wild places. The highlight of the evening was seeing @goulding_jr get his 2019 Rising Leader Award for his work and leadership to connect urban and diverse communities around the country to the outdoors. He is sharing the knowledge and skills to future outdoor leaders in order to pass it all forward. It is people like CJ that will move the needle for future generations of outdoor and conservation leadership.

It’s @alexhonnold’s birthday. He once told me he preferred that everything he owns could fit in his van. That is to say he doesn’t need anymore stuff. So if you want to give him a gift, donate the money towards his foundation @honnoldfoundation. They do good work in providing solar energy in places of need. Link in stories. Happy birthday Alex!

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