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SURPRISE! New live shows announced today! I’ll be going to different cities to read my favorite pieces and talk to you about my book, LITTLE WEIRDS out Nov. 5th. Tickets go on-sale this Friday at 10AM EST. You can find tickets and more info at the link in my bio! Please come and have a nice evening with me! photo by @lukefontana

MY NETFLIX STANDUP COMEDY SPECIAL “Stage Fright” COMES OUT 10/22 on @netflixisajoke! It’s part stand-up, part documentary about my family, my fears, my heart, and a lot of other things that will make you laugh. Directed by my @gillianrobespierre, shot by @miss_ashcon, produced by @bettyholm & @smroma, edited by @betsykagen & music by @slhjenkins ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to all of these women for their companionship and very good hard work. Also, this donkey is not in the special. The main animal is ME.

If i weren’t marrying him, I’d marry you, Dairy Freeze. I’ve loved you all my life. This is perhaps my greatest honor and definitely the cutest thing to ever occur. Thank you! Love love love 💕

He took me to France and made a picnic and made me feel happy and free and then he asked me to marry him and i screamed YES. I love you @benshattuck_art, you are the kindest and brightest and I am so grateful and here we go and keep going ❤️🎈❤️

THIS NEW ALBUM BY @joanshelley is so gorgeous and I thank her for making it! Wow wow wow i love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

LET ME READ LITTLE BITS OF MY BOOK TO YOU! NOVEMBER 5th! Ooh lala! A fancy night @townhallnyc during which I will read to you and we will chat about it all if you like! A q&a also w a secret special person😛😛😛! My ONLY SHOW this year with @NYComedyFest. Link for tix in bio! Join me!

Happy birthday to @gillianrobespierre who packs my suitcases, makes all my (f)Art with me and is a truly good friend forever and ever amen 🙏

Thank u for having me @latenightseth! I ❤️ your show! And ❤️ to @rheannewhite @itsmatin for hair& makeup! Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

“NO NEED TODAY” Is our motto for today’s workday and I think it’s really going to create a cool vibe? 🧻🧻🧻⚰️⚰️⚰️💡💡💡🧨🧨🧨📽📽📽@gillianrobespierre @smroma @bettyholm

Nothing but boyfriend in front of nude sculpture and holding two 6 foot snake skins and then walking around mumbling w deep concern “that’s a six foot snake!” 🆒🆒🆒way to be @benshattuck_art way to be 😍

🦢❤️🦢congrats @lucy.keating and Toby!

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