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3 wee owls. Not quite sure where I going with these but enjoying them.

Knowing when to stop......

I haven’t even reached my favoured spot yet!

First breakfast. Just foraging for second breakfast!

I’m doing accompaniments!

A Gran and a Man in a van full of naan . Very little sewing done this week, doing prep for Spylaw Park on Saturday

I buy stuffing in 10kg batches. It comes in two, nearly manageable, 5kg bags which I then decant into many smaller bags for using.( the ‘normal’ big bag of stuffing in a shop is 250g). I’m into the second half of the latest batch - 5kg of stuffing since July! I knew I had been busy!

The aftermath! West End Fair over bar the sorting the stuff currently piled in the living room where I dumped it last night. Fantastic three weeks - many thanks to all who came by, chatted and bought. Also to the amazing community of fellow crafters whose company I have shared these last three weeks!

The final two new ladies ready to go on the shelf. Sat them down at next door stand for a picture and they were photobombed by a seagull

Misty castle at the start of the LAST DAY of the West End Fair

Looking a bit autumnal. Very “mists and mellow fruitfulness “ earlier but lovely now

Misty morning commute. Last day of West End Fair so took the van in early and cycled home for breakfast. Canal path nice and quiet!

A few new chaps on the shelves

Final changeover and more new stalls at West End Fair. Here till Sunday 25th

Glorious morning to cycle in but rain cape packed for return journey (hoping I don’t need it today!)

The advantage of West End Fair not opening till 11 is the ability to see up parts before going in

Leaves to dress dryads. Hoping to have some on the stall by Thursday!

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