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If you live with regrets you die with them too 🙏🏽

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My man lil t we been cool since sophomore year in high school don’t know why them streets in Baltimore took somebody that loved that city so much but a a profound quote I heard is “grief is the final act of love” so with that being said I know where we from we don’t say it much but I love my guy rest easy up there show em that mean in and out crossover. Love u boy

Literally saw this dude come from selling Mitchell and ness throw back jerseys out of trash bag to becoming the most powerful agent/entrepreneur in the business @richpaul nothing but love and respect for u homie keep being disruptive it makes them nervous.

@ybncordae got the album of the year so far don’t @ me

One of them nights right here!! @fashiongeekzo @smallzthevillain

Happy Juneteenth!!!!!! Some may think this is just a holiday for African Americans but it should be for everybody. Once we embrace and be happy for all races getting the rights and equal opportunity that this country says it was founded on 🙄 (clearly still a work in progress) we will be in a much better place. So to my African American family happy Juneteenth but hey everybody (all races included) we can actually celebrate together and be happy as we continue to try and advance this thing together 💪🏽🙏🏽

Another archive for the memory books. But I want to firmly tell everyone involved I’m never coming to Vegas or any other trip with u MFs ever again hahaha I love all y’all to the end and next trip got dammit leave me out of it. @po21finest I hope we sent u off u right my brother til next time

Come man somebody tell BiG JIM BROWN what year we in man hahahahahahahaha

I think we as a culture should all go buy a pair @damianlillard shoes tmw for that shit he just did haha 😆

Been down with my dog @chrisbosh since 02 and has been nothing but a class act as a friend, professional and just a walking list of accomplishments that we all dream to attain in this life. Congrats on your Jersey retirement and the amazing other things that are waiting for you on the other side of retirement. Congrats again and I’m sure that hall of fame call is coming somewhere in the near future

The people that Nipsey empowered and allowed a dope opportunity to try to help with economic balance (when u get on u try to get other people in position so it isn’t I’m making money it’s WE making money) is the part I think most forget about. These who I’m sure have responsibilities ( kids, bills etc.) now have to find means to support these things. These are the people that could be coming in your house thru that side window unannounced but homie gave them another way. Just another variable that I think we forget when WE (killing our own) take a person so Important from us. Rip NIP 🏁💙

I remember the first day I heard your music. @demar_derozan was playing me a lot of music from west coast artists and none of it grabbed my attention until he played this song and he started by saying “ I’m coming straight off of slauson a crazy mf name NIPSEY” I promptly asked yo who homeboy he nice and after that a new fan of your movement was formed. Never met u dog but u were always prophetic in your words and poetic in your raps and most importantly selfless in your actions trying to help other better their situations. Thanks for the motivation and now the accountability for us to move forward to attain better for ourselves personally and professionally. The bar has been rest easy on that last ride around LA and to your love ones peace and blessings. U adopted the best slogan that represents so many people dealing with different adversities THE MARATHON CONTINUES .......🏁

Man I’ve tried posting this about 50 times and took it down every time. Crying as i write this shit but here it goes... My boy was juggling a lot of things trying to search and find his way thru life like the most of us for some reason god wanted u home on your birthday when I saw u about a week ago u were the same cliff that everybody from home loved smiling cracking jokes and was always fresh to death. Love u Man Rest In Peace cliff!!!

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