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Doug The Pug

👑 King Of Pop Culture 🍕 Twitter • @itsdougthepug 🍔 Tik Tok • dougthepug ↓VOTE 4 ME TO WIN A PEOPLE’S CHOICE↓

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“Ur more magical than a rainbow” -Doug

Nashville, Tennessee

“‪When u realize it’s almost the first day of Fall but it’s still too hot to even be outside‬” -Doug

Nashville, Tennessee

Me: Have one more slice. Do it. My body: Maybe u shouldn’t 🍕

We all have that one crazy sibling... @duhitsfiona Tag ur crazy sibling!

Nashville, Tennessee

“In a bad mood? Let’s get food” -Doug

Los Angeles, California

“Me checking my social media in the morning” -Doug • I am nominated for a @peopleschoice award and today ur votes count double! U can vote 25x a day. Comment below after u voted 💗 LINK IN BIO!

Nashville, Tennessee

“‪We all have that one friend who talks a big game but during scary movies is too afraid to look‬” -Doug

“When u can’t stop watching Euphoria” -Doug • Don’t forget to vote for me to win a People’s Choice Award! Link in bio 💙

“I am a king and ur pillow is my throne” -Doug

Nashville, Tennessee

“When someone says they don’t like my Crocs” -Doug

“I love u beary much” -Doug • My brand new panda plushie is out now at @clairesstores and online! 🐼

“‪When u think about food so much that u become it” -Doug

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