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Le French Canadian pooch.

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Montreal, Quebec

Jack Russells have a bad rep of being beastly but they are also great comedians and total sweethearts.

feeling playfull and in need of a good walk to get all that active energy out.

I wanted to support some of our IG friends by sharing their latest project. Please note this is not an entry but a capture to support the tag! Although the prizes are awesome I do not wish to qualify. I only want to encourage my followers to take part in the fun! Thanks @chilberg for tagging us. For details see hosts tagged on the photo.

I spent 13 hrs in the ER last night. (I'm not hurt. Just traumatized.) I never knew you could wait that long in that room. There was a woman carrying her little boy who was clearly ill. She was so tired and slowly passing out holding the boy who was equally tired and in pain. Sometime later a mother of two teen girls came to the ER. She was the injured one but still watched over her girls. I witnessed many women/mothers keep their sanity over the long wait and struggling to find comfort in those hard, plastic seats. They put aside their own needs for the sake of their child(ren). It was difficult and heartbreaking to watch their suffering but it also inspired and gave me strength.

Today is my birthday (the human) and I am reflecting on my life. It didn't go as I planned. My health troubles took away part of my future but I remain blessed with a loving family who remains supportive despite my many failures. People come and go which makes the long term friendships so much more special. I am thankful for this community of mostly strong and talented women who've brought smiles during tough times. I am thankful for the experience to return to my native country, Bangladesh. I am thankful that after 5 years I have healed my organ and remain hopeful I will one day no longer require treatment. I am thankful to have been loved enough to be called a wife. Although it destroyed my world when I lost him years ago, I somehow found love again and he brought me two little blond girls and this furry little doll, a great companion to Riley. Not quite the fairy tale I had dreamed of but I hope to live happily ever after.

Recycling an old capture of a wrapped-pet-in-a-blanket-to-look-like-a-seal to support the campaign to ban commercial seal hunting in Canada. "Phoque" is french for seal. ;) I do not wish to be considered for the 1.4 million feature. I just want to help spread the word. Please tap the photo to see the people hosting this cause and show them some love. @justinpjtrudeau . Also thank you so much for your kind concerns. Riley is in top shape back to running around and being his goofy self.

Riley has been vomiting the last few nights. He just doesn't listen when I tell him to stop chewing on branches. It's good for his teeth but not so much for the stomach. I had to cancel plans and take care of my darling on this Easter Sunday. (For those of you eager to have a pet, remember that it's a lot of love but quite a responsibility. It's like having a baby for life and I have the most stubborn baby. It's a major commitment.)

This little monkey.

That butt though. 😂

The sun is out! Walk. Me.Now.

You can't see much with all this snowfall headed right for your eyes. Stay safe Montrealers!

A little doggie told me to . Don't forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour tonight.

So... What's for breakfast? This boy runs on gluten free snacks all day. It's what Sunday is all about.

It has been raining for some days now. Would like to see some sun. If there's some your way please ship it to Montreal c/o Riley. Thanks!

Have a great week!

That moment when you count sheeps and one just drops on your head.

Feeling just peaceful and happy today. My latest post on @jesuissifrench explains it. Have a super day! Tent, @ashleygabbydesigns

Oh good! You're up. How about a walk?

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