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We are warming our waters and it will cause more ferocious and more frequent storms. This is not a joke, it’s science and it’s happening. Now. Thank You @yearsofliving for your tireless efforts to keep us informed.

I have just been quietly off of social media mourning the loss of so much life on our planet happening around us. We are the same biological process as the planet. What we do to our world we do ourselves. The trees are the Earth’s lungs, oceans and rivers act as the world’s cardiovascular system carrying all of the vital nutrients to the world’s organs (the very things that give us life) The unnecessary and illegal man-made fires ripping through the Amazon (the vital lungs of our planet), Hurricane Dorian ripping through the Beautiful Bahamas and the South East on a path of destruction. Now Japan is telling us that they may have to dump enormous amounts of radioactive waste water into the ocean because they are running out of space to store it. Where DOES it end? I can’t be silent any longer... WE MUST stop the destruction and senseless slaughter of all that gives us life: RAIN FORESTS AND OCEANS. We can not afford to lose one more acre of forest, we can’t take any more storms and radioactive waste. HOW DO WE DO THIS? SOMEONE? @paulnicklen with @get_repost ・・・ CHAOS! A team just sent me this photo from San Jose de Campamento,Bolivia. It’s from last night and these are the exact coordinates- S 15.118620° W 60.895914° of the location. Please keep sharing those images!! This is not over. The world deserves to know!! Rain forest arson, hurricanes, and now Fukushima wants to release millions of gallons of toxic radioactive waste water into the ocean. Is it all coming to an end? Follow @oxygenseven @iamnickrose and @earthalliance

I took this photo the other day because it seemed like such a powerful message. Right now it’s more powerful than ever... In light there can be no dark. These are dark times America but together we can rise out of the ashes and into the light. Please share your light. My heart aches for those innocent lives lost, their families, their friends and their communities. Right now we need love, we need compassion and we need leadership.

is not just a hashtag. It’s a peaceful battle cry. A reminder that sacred NATIVE land belongs to NATIVE peoples. The world is watching and that destroying this fragile environment without permission and with no conscious is not acceptable. Science is important, so is community. And...

The amount of planes over Europe, the United stares and Mexico right now... Think of the amount of fuel and carbon in our atmosphere in one day. It’s mind blowing isn’t it. It was hard for me to imagine how much pollution is up there every second of every day. I’m a part of it too... What do we do? What is the solution? We can draw this carbon down with agriculture. I promise you there is an answer. It’s time to start engaging. When our farming practices change our temperatures will go down. More information to come Who is with me?

Happy 4th of July from Paris... Celebrating freedom is such privilege when it should be a right! Thank you to all who worked for and gave their lives for our freedom and for freedom around the world. As divided as our great country is, I can only hope that we have unity today and in the days going forward. Hopefully everyone stays safe over there. Summer time holidays and drinking on those lakes, rivers and streams can get intense. Happy Independence Day!

5 years ago today this amazing human being came over to my townhouse in Atlanta for tea. We’ve never been apart since... What a magical journey @nikkireed Thank you for teaching me so much every day. Love, Your Man

@leonardodicaprio with @get_repost ・・・ @greenpeace: We’re on an epic voyage from Pole to Pole, campaigning for a huge network of ocean sanctuaries. If we win, it might be one of the biggest conservation efforts in human history. . Everyone has a part to play. Are you on board yet? .

Photo shoot day. When you‘re a tired dad and finally trade in fancy set bag for a reusable grocery bag... reading scripts for my beloved @rarebirdsprods and watching Visual Effects edits for all day. Ready to lounge with my baby and read a nursery rhyme...

Want a tiny break from the day or something peaceful to think about before you drift off to sleep? If your put your headphones on&really watch&listen I think you look around a bit differently today/tonight... I hope this inspires you as much as it inspired me. There are 4 videos total. This excerpt from Carl Sagan's book Pale Blue Dot (1994) was inspired by an image taken, at Sagan's suggestion, by Voyager 1 on Feb 14, 1990. From a distance of about 6 billion km, Voyager 1, which had completed its primary mission and was leaving the Solar System, was commanded by NASA to turn its camera around and take one last photo of Earth across a great expanse of space, at the request of Carl Sagan. The accompanying words, written 27 yrs ago are still relevant today.

@5ringsbarbell pushing me to the limit to be the strongest and best version of me-thanks brother this partnership means the world to me. Time to kick some major ass. Only some months of post production left on as @drlutherswannofficial then I’ll get it out the door and onto @netflix for you to see. Hopefully you like it. Lots to do in the ocean space. Too much plastic and degradation. Plastics stand to wipe us out. BUT with DRAWDOWN in agriculture and enough consumer, legislative and corporate behavioral changes we can do this. There are no problems, only solutions. Going to continue talking with amazing game-changing people on our podcast @gregstoneocean . I feel like to get all of this done and be a strong good dad I needed to become a warrior. So, that’s what I’m doing. Time is slipping and we haven’t got much before the tipping point tips the wrong way. Just remember, especially if you have kids you’re leaving this world to... Nature doesn’t need us: WE NEED NATURE. I ask. I beg for ALL of us to... Be strong. Be smart. Be good to the world that is good to you. Love, Ian

If you do ANYTHING TODAY-please watch this, subscribe&share it.We’ve worked very hard on it. I’m the Co-Executive producer, a guest and couldn’t be more proud and excited. My dear brother @gregstoneocean is one of the world’s leading Ocean Scientist and I’ve team up with him to create a Podcast to bring some of the greatest voices to speak on the importance of our oceans. Our future is dependent our oceans. We will discuss not only the dire situation that are our oceans but how to fix them. Real solutions. Real facts. Real people. We must STOP senselessly polluting and over fishing waters or there will be no us. Period. The science is in. Are you in? I have been diving for years with Dr. Stone&what you will learn from him in a short span of time will change your life. He’s one of my greatest heroes and I’m pretty certain he will be one of yours. Our AMAZING Season 1 guests include (the one and only) Jared Diamond, Philippe Cousteau, Ocean Ramsey and Kelly Slater, Benjamin Kay (a Marine Biologist and high school teacher changing kids’ lives in Santa Monica,CA), Wyland the incredible marine artist, Dr. Stone and more powerful people that are voices of the Sea. Such a powerful and unique group of people. Oh and I’m a guest on our show too as I mentioned earlier! Our second season lineup is cooking up and will blow you way. I’m so stoked! Love you all and I thank you. Go to my bio please. Click. Subscribe. I’m going to work hard to make sure you see this and we’re going to work hard to produce a show that interests you and inspires but most importantly creates ACTION. The time to heal our oceans in NOW! Thank you!!!!

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