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We obsessively cover the wellness scene. Named one of 2018’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. Follow @wellandgoodtravels & @wellandgoodeats.

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New York, New York

Need a new book? 📚 Well+Good readers have spoken—and their picks were straight-up golden. Swipe through to see a preview of the page-turners they are loving right now and head to the link in our bio for more recs!

Because everyone could use a confidence-boosting pep talk every once in a while. Find out how to use @mamacaxx's genius method for loving your even when you don't feel like it at the link in bio (and get ready to feel empowered). @athleta

New York, New York

We’re starting a run club and we want you in it! Starting September 23, will be training for 5K and 10K races with @livestrong_com, leading us to the starting line of a virtual race that we’re planning on October 26. Whether you walk or jog, weekly training plans will be delivered to you here and your inbox starting next week. Where to begin? Check back here on Monday, Sept 23 for the first week's training plan from @traco4. In the meantime, head to the link in our bio for all the details. And of course, be sure to tag us in your journey using . We'll (virtually) be cheering you on!

New York, New York

@JLo’s trainer spilled the secret behind her strong core and we have the details 💥🙌 Head to the link in our bio to get her workout. @JLo

New York, New York

The perfect cauliflower gnocchi doesn't exi— 🙌 @malsfitkitchen

New York, New York

Help your skin flourish and boost your overall well being? Count us in. Head to the link in our bio to find out esthetician @shanihillian’s tips and how to add them to your routine now.

New York, New York

Craving a protein-filled snack? On this episode of You Versus Food, @thehappiestnutritionist is giving us the DL on the nutrition behind our bars. Head to the link in our bio to see what she thinks you should look for in a bar, as well as her top picks! .

New York, New York

Curious about the meaning of doodles in your notebook? Let's decode them. Head to the link in our bio to see what your doodles say about your personalty.

Do you ever feel guilty when you skip yoga or order takeout when you have food at home? Newsflash: You shouldn't. Find out more about how to embrace real-life balance and let go of the guilt from @dailyharvest founder Rachel Drori at the link in bio. @athleta

New York, New York

If these are the only items you accomplish on your to-do list today, consider yourself accomplished! 🙌 @atlgirlgang

New York, New York

Energy without the coffee? Yes, it's possible! 💥We know the best workouts for energy that are better than a cup of Jo. Head to the link in our bio to find out!

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