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Let's see: Coffee☕️ My fiancé + our bulldog🎎🐶 And the occasional post about fitness💪 Because I'm supposed to, right? Welcome to HunterFitness

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Posted this two years ago today. ⠀ Still important. ⠀ “A client sent me a video of herself going through a challenging version of an exercise. My advice to her was simple: ⠀ Slow down. ⠀ Spend more time feeling the movement. ⠀ If you find yourself struggling, regress it. ⠀ And finally- I ended it with: ⠀ This is about improving, not impressing. ⠀ Right after I pressed send- I thought to myself- "I really like that." ⠀ It's so simple and so true. We all want to progress to the fun stuff. The stuff that impresses others. ⠀ Unfortunately- I often have to tell my clients to slow down. Nothing we are going to do is going to be impressive. We're going to master the basics. We're going to do daily mobility routines. We're going to develop and regain the prerequisites to do the training you ultimately want to do. ⠀ But- until we're there- ⠀ This is about improving. Not impressing. ⠀

I know it’s really, realllly hard to tell. But this isn’t actually a video of me training. 🤷🏼‍♂️ ⠀ A video of my client Jazzy over in Switzerland with a post that has nothing to do with our training specifically besides demonstrating what mobile can do within her field- professional pole dancing. ⠀ It’s azing how far you’ve come, Jazzy. I still have the videos from when you first started training with me years ago. Limited mobility. Pain in several parts. Apprehension with movement. And a beat up from training in Pole without the prerequisite mobility to do so. ⠀ I’ve since seen you rise to be someone who is enormously respected and admired in your profession and it’s been a fun journey to watch. ⠀ I always tell my clients- “I don’t care what you do with your . I may not enjoy your sport myself. But getting your joints back their degrees of freedom and prerequisite strength and range will do wonders for the longevity of your career.” ⠀ Jazzy is enjoying the fruits of her labor after years of dedicated mobility work. This now allows her to compete regularly while constantly improving her physical capabilities, with no setbacks or injuries in sight. ⠀ Keep up the good work, Jazzy. And thanks for letting me be a coach in your corner for this journey. ⠀ Be like Jazzy. Do your hip homework. Then do cool things with your as you see fit. ⠀ @jazzykpole ・・・ 🔥 W H E N . W E . . . 🔥 (swipe left for more) Played with some handstands and leg twirls yesterday, forever inspired by @kaya.blum ❤️ . Do you your hip work kids! Kept hearing @hunterfitness in my head while doing this 😂 Definetly needs improvement but even though I a slow improver (🐌) I feel like I getting a tiny bit better with time. . 👙 Love this suit by @pole_clothes_shark available at @pole_junkie 🎵Music: When We - @therealtank . .

Kinstretch Instructor, FRCms & FRAs and new trainer at @naplesfitnesslb alongside myself and the crew- @coach_christinamarie • • • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How you currently move tells a story about your . . How you’ve used your up until this point in your life has determined your current joint health, your current movement capacity, your current physical health. . That being said, you’re not stuck where you are. That handstand you want to do, that lift you want to hit, that move in jiu jitsu, the ability to play with your kids, or just get up out of bed without , it’s still possible. You are not broken. You are a resilient, adaptable human who needs to train that way. . Where you currently are is just that, a snapshot of where you CURRENTLY are. If you want to change, then your habits must change, and the way you treat your must change. How we train, the inputs we give our , all determine our future selves. . You need to EARN it. You won’t magically wake up one day and hit that awkward climbing move or that handstand, or get up without . YOU have the power to determine that outcome if you so choose. . Time. Effort. Consistency. Patience. = THE RECIPE . Not sure where to start? Send me a DM and let’s find someone in your area who can empower you to get your freedom of movement back. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔻🔻🔻 • • • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @kinstretch 📸 @gorillajjitsu

Sold outtt. 😍 ・・・ @drandreospina ・・・ Join the waiting lists @ 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Eventually, your goals switch to “I just want to feel better.” ⠀ Maybe a few months from now. ⠀ Maybe a few years. ⠀ But it happens. ⠀ Chasing PR’s constantly gets old when it to hold a coffee mug and brush your teeth without wincing . (My personal story.) ⠀ @taylorstarch ・・・ Looks 👀 can be deceiving. A lot of people look like superheroes on social media or at the gym. But once they take off their “social media masks” you’ll find a lot of broken people. Sure that guy might be more jacked than Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson but has been overdosing on steroids to accomplish his physique and is silently wrecking his health. That girl who has that “perfect” without an ounce of fat in sight, well little did you know she developed an eating disorder to get that lean. People online comment when in reality she is now meeting with a therapist everyday just to get through her week. That guy who over 500lbs and goes every time he is at the gym has to take hard core 💊 killers every night just to be able to get a few hours of sleep because he has struggles with chronic low back . That girl who is crushing ultra marathons like they’re 5Ks has been struggling with stress fractures since college. Her doctors recommend to stop running for good and the one thing that brought her the most joy now brings her the most . On social media you see: PRs, successes, people being bad a$$ , and all that Jazz. What you don’t see 👀 is the , problems, depression, and people are battling behind the scenes. Don’t break yourself for likes. Don’t break yourself for approval. Don’t break yourself for others. Don’t break yourself for attention. Don’t break yourself. You are worth so much more than likes, comments, or followers. Take time when you look at stuff on social media to see behind the curtain and realize its mostly just an illusion. Despite what most people think you CAN train to get better, stronger, faster WITHOUT destroying your health or mental health to get there. It is not easy to do but it IS possible!

Have you been making your @kinstretch classes? ⠀ Here are some clips from two weeks ago where the focus was learning about hip internal rotation followed by hip abduction. ⠀ Yes, you’ll come to train. ⠀ More importantly, you’ll come to learn. ⠀ There are still spots in both the 1230 and 525 class tomorrow to learn about hip external rotation and hip flexion. ⠀ Take the train to cramp city with us. You’ll thank me later. ⠀ Not local? Find a kinstretch class near you at - ⠀ No classes? Work with someone one on one. ⠀ Still no options? Join my online community and take classes with people worldwide. ⠀ Hope to cross paths soon. ⠀

🇺🇸 So that happened. 😍 🇺🇸 ・・・ @drandreospina ・・・ Functional Range Systems had the pleasure of working with the US SOCOM 🇺🇸 Human Performance team at Ft. Bragg , North Carolina last week certifying them in both Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) & Functional Range Assessment (FRA) 🔻🔻

Client, friend, and colleague FRCms’ Matt Ulawski ⠀ Matt shares the difference a year of training makes to close his passive to active gap. A year. Not a week. Not a month. A year. ⠀ And this wasn’t even opening up new range (which typically takes longer). This was closing the gap between his passive and active range. But man- its’ impressive as and anyone that has worked on their hip internal rotation knows that. ⠀ Do you need this much? Hard to say. Hard to even say Matt needs this much. But remember- he already had it (passively) with no strength associated with it. ⠀ Now he owns it. It’s active. It’s stronger. It’s more resilient. And that’s a win. Well done Matt! ⠀ @mindset4movement ・・・ This is what 1 year of hard, intent-filled work looks like. The picture on the top was my prior AROM (active range of motion) vs my AROM today. I have always been very flexible yet most of my flexibility did very little for me in terms of helping prevent injuries or increasing my athletic performance. 🔷 While attending my first @functionalrangeconditioning seminar I herd a quote from @drandreospina “ Flexibility with the absence of strength is useless flexibility”. This couldn’t be any more true. Flexibility is great and an absolute must to have but without its counter partner “strength” it’s not much use to an active human. It’s safe to say my have never felt stronger since incorporating FRS into my regiment. - -

Napali Coast

Posting this back from Long Beach but couldn’t help but share one more pretty photo. ⠀ The interesting this about hiking along the Nāpali coast- most hikes we do (anywhere and everywhere) are pretty- but the reward is at the end (summit of sorts.) ⠀ We only did the first 2 miles of the Kalalau trail (no permit to camp at the end) and then branched off to the Hanakapi’ai falls- but 100% of the hike was stunning. ⠀ Every turn got prettier than the next. We ended up doing about 10 miles in the area and can not wait to return to finish the coastline on our next trip. ⠀

One royal bath overlooking the ocean before leaving the island.

Napali Coast

Wake up before others and you’ll get pieces of the island to yourself. 📸- @dianasullivanpham


That feeling when you watch your fiancé get out of the side of the plane and think for a millisecond that it might be the last time you ever see her 😳 ⠀ Definitely the most exhilarating and other-worldly experience I’ve ever had. ⠀ Happy Birthday Diana. It’s the best feeling in the world to have a partner who’s up for every possible adventure. ⠀ Thanks for jumping out of a plane at sunrise with me today, but truly thank you for every adventure in our past, and every adventure to come. ⠀ I love you @dianasullivanpham

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