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Hrithik Roshan

Man on mission - to live the best life possible come what may.

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आ रहे हैं हम सबसे लंबा छलांग लगाने 22nd September at 1 PM only on @starplus and @stargoldindia @super30film @mrunalofficial2016 @nandishsandhu

Abb meri baari hai 'May I come in' bolne ki. Keep your doors open on 22nd September 1 PM onwards, for a class of on @starplus and @stargoldofficial @super30film

I’ve set my target. What about you? in cinemas on 2nd October  @tigerjackieshroff @_vaanikapoor_ @itssiddharthanand @yrf

I have always been a student of Life. The burning desire in me to learn, is as blazing as a toddler. But before I could understand and interpret my many life lessons, it was my Father who taught me. Thank you Papa, for teaching me things that no education institution, no acting classes, no book could. for making me understand and not only see, for pushing me to think before I act. You make me be a better human, father, son, actor and friend. Thank you for being an example, it is upto you I look, when my children look for their dad. Happy Teacher's day

Contemplating my next move to win the ! 😏

The calm before the storm? Cause the real is just about to begin.

Kicking in the action mode for @mansworldindia . 📸 Abhay Singh || Art Direction : Tanvi Shah || Fashion Editor: Neelangana Vasudeva|| Hair : Team Hakim's Aalim || Makeup : Vijay Palande || Interview: Mayukh Majumdar || Fashion Intern: Sheebani Kunde .

I still have a day shoot left . But since everyone started celebrating the wrap, here’s half confused me joining in the fun. I just hope they remember that the last scene is still left . 😬 . What I’m going to miss most ? Is working with you @tigerjackieshroff . Everybody else, enjoy the party and see you at work day after. 😂

You’ll need your team to console you when this is won. @tigerjackieshroff. make some noise! @_vaanikapoor_ @itssiddharthanand @yrf

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