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Freelance Illustrator/ concept artist/ nerd Projects include Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984, Xmen, RAMPAGE

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More concepts from the cut original ending of X-men Dark Phoenix: As Jean gets surrounded and pummeled by the Alien Ships, she surrounds herself with a shell of black flame. But its no use because the shell, as well as Jean's own body, begins to tear apart. @xmenmovies @sophiet

Dark Phoenix's original ending would see Jean, now able to control her powers, blast off into space to face off against the alien armada threatening Earth. The armada would swarm and overpower her, forcing her into her most powerful form: the Phoenix. This was my concept for that moment. More concept art from the original ending coming over the next few days! @xmenmovies @sophiet

Exploration of what Vuk's (@jessicachastain) home planet could look like in Xmen Dark Phoenix. We ultimately only saw the planet from a cosmic view, but it was still fun to explore options!

Jean's final form. Another concept painted for Dark Phoenix! This was a fun one to design! @sophiet

Jean Grey (@sophiet) Blasting Off into Space. This shot for the final sequence was changed a bit in the released film. More concept art from @darkphoenixmovie2019 to come!

This was a concept i did for Storm and Cyclop's fight against "Medusa Man" in X-Men Dark Phoenix. The director initiialy wanted these skin-covered tendrils coming out of the dude's bald head. So glad he eventually changed it to dreadlocks instead. @xmenmovies

Another concept painting from Xmen Dark Phoenix. Jean Grey (@sophiet) drifting unconsciously through space. This one was painted before the final "X" costume was designed. More to come!

This is one of many keyframe illustations i painted for Xmen Dark Phoenix. More to come! @xmenmovies @sophiet

The Blair Witch game was revealed at E3 yesterday! I had the pleasure of creating this concept image for the reveal trailer. Looking forward to playing it!

I still get questions about whose head is on the ground in my game of thrones painting "The Night King Wins". you go. Valar Morghulis. Valar Dohaeris. (Sorry, @iamlenaheadey)

Some details from my recent Game of Thrones painting

The Night King Wins. @gameofthrones is my favorite show of all time, and the prospect of it coming to an end made me want to finally do some fan art for it. Im certain that the show wont end like this, but i thought it would be a fun scene to paint! Close-up details in another post!

Morning study. Its nice to relax and paint a pretty landscape just for the hell of it.

Ive been sick the past couple days, my mind is feeling a bit weird. I watched the Dark Knight while feeling a bit delusional. This is the result of that, i think. Also i saw a mummy a couple weeks ago while in Spain, so the image of that probably snuck its way into this.

This was an unused design for the Heaven Realm for the chinese film "Asura". I wanted to get across this idea of perpetually flowing strands of matter/light that would create new platforms for the hero and opponent to jump between while battling.

Quick study, dusting the rust off. I havent done a simple landscape painting in so long. Feels good. More to come!

Registration for Brainstorm's ( @we_are_brainstorm_school ) spring term is now live! Be sure to sign up for my class if you're interested. I hope to see some of you there!

Registration for Brainstorm's ( @we_are_brainstorm_school ) upcoming spring term is going live this week! If youre interested in learning how to illustrate key moments for Hollywood's biggest movies, be sure to sign up for my Keyframe Illustration class! Hope to see you there!

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