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Just two lovers who love the world of video games, anime, movies, horror, cosplay & everything else nerd👾

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Finally found time to play Man of Medan!

Even though it’s wired, it still beats having to sit close to the tv for headphones.

He always looks at the screen when he hears the ‘ki ki ki ma ma ma’ 👾 #

August 2019 upcoming games! These are some games in August I can not wait for! Yes, Friday the 13th was just released on the switch and I am loving it, even though there are tons of negative qualities to it. The fact I can play it in my bed on handheld is just dreamy👾

Hi! First post, yikes! Anyways, we are two lovers that share a passion of gaming, movies, anime, cosplay, and so much more. Our love is so strong we want to express it to the world, and hopefully spark that feeling in others. Stay toon for more! Daily uploads! 👾

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