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La Sal Mountains

There are people who go and there are people who go . But there aren't so many people who do both so a at the end of a hard is perfect for getting solitude in the

La Sal Mountains

Early sun catches my spot

La Sal Mountains

It's always a surprise to see particularly in mountains where I didn't know there were any

San Juan Mountains

Reposted from @kevinmcdowell87 (@get_regrann) - Sometimes there's no option but to get a foot in the water during a stream crossing. @obiwan117 crosses a stream at 12,000ft. -

San Juan Mountains

Reposted from @kevinmcdowell87 (@get_regrann) - The bluest lake you ever did see. Woke up at 5:20am and on the trail at 6:00. About 10 miles of hiking and 2,500 ft of elevation gain to an elevation of 12,400 ft. We saw a few very unprepared people on our way down. Leather jackets, tennis shoes, cotton shirts, basketball shorts, only wearing a CamelBak, etc. Not good when storms are rolling into the high country. You can't cheat the mountain. PC: @obiwan117 -

Hill People Gear

ride in the . Nothing covers ground better than a hardtail but these old elbows were missing the 5" of plush travel on the FS bike.

Hill People Gear

Reposted from @kevinmcdowell87 (@get_regrann) - @obiwan117 is the newest member to the HPG crew and is doing good work for us. We took a morning hike before opening up the store. -

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