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Mission: improving the living conditions of the stray dogs & cats on Koh Lipe. spay/neuter clinics, medical care& prevention, feeding, rescue center

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*** Become part of something great by helping us to finish the roof of our Rescue Center! *** Dear friends and followers we are still in urgent need for funds to finish the roof of our Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe. We have by now almost 30 dogs and cats staying at our center, receiving medical or long term care. The waiting list for more animals that we need to take in for treatment is already long but we can‘t admit them as long as our roof is unfinished. In general we still have a lot of construction work to do but the most important thing now is that we can finish the roof. This will make it possible to use the whole area of our center and to help more strays in need. So far we received EUR 870.- in donations for the roof. The best quote we got to finish the roof including material and cargo transport costs for the whole area is EUR 3600.- This means we still need to raise EUR 2730.- We ask everyone to please help us. Even if you can give just a small amount it will help to reach our goal! YOU can help to make a real difference for these strays who have no one else to turn to. Thank you so much! 🙏🙏🙏🐾🐾 Please get involved and donate whatever amount you can: by PayPal: or by bank transfer: IBAN/Konto-Nr.: CH92 8145 6000 0068 5867 4 SWIFT Code: RAIFCH22E56 Raiffeisenbank Hünenberg, Bösch 106, CH-6331 Hünenberg, Switzerland Beneficiary of payment: HalfwayHouse Bösch 106, CH-6331 Hünenberg, Switzerland Learn more about our work: 🐶

Finally Teddy and I met Barbara Hassler and her partner in person. They are supporting our foundation for many years and now we visited them and spent a lovely afternoon together. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and your ongoing support! People like you make it possible that we can provide tender loving care for the homeless dogs and cats on Koh Lipe! ❤️🙏🐾🐾

The animals at our rescue center not only receive the needed medical care but thanks to our amazing staff and volunteers also lots of love! ❤️🐾🐾 Learn more about our Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe and find out how you can get involved:

Will you help us to feed the hungry mouths on Koh Lipe? We use every month almost one tonne of cat and dog food. One bag of 20kg cat or dog food costs us EUR 20.- This goes along with the costs for medical care and frequent spay&neuter clinics that we provide for all the strays in need on the Island. It is every month a huge struggle to get these costs in somehow covered and we are running on our limits. We desperately need more people, who support our project with a monthly donation. With a monthly donation you help us to improve the living conditions of all the homeless dogs and cats on Koh Lipe who have no one else to turn to. Please get involved and go to: Your gift means the world for these animals and helps to fight suffering and death due to overpopulation and diseases! ❤️🙏

Urgent call! Dear friends and followers today we reach out to you with a very important request. As many of you might know we were making huge steps forward with our Animal Rescue Center in Koh Lipe. But we were still not able to completely finish the construction work because we lack of the needed funds. At the same time we have currently more than 20 dogs and cats staying at our center, receiving medical or long term care and the waiting list for more animals that we need to take in for treatment is already huge. There is still a lot of construction work to do but the most important thing now is that we can finish the roof for the whole area of our center. So far we could only afford to build a roof for a part of the area. This means that we can‘t use the whole area without having a roof to provide shelter for the animals from sun and rain. The best quote we got to finish the roof including material and cargo transport costs for the whole area is EUR 3600.- We really need your help! Please donate whatever amount you can. We appreciate it so much when people spread the word by sharing and liking our posts and we totally get it that not everyone is able to make a donation. ❤️ But we really need more people who support our cause with donations. Our strays in need deserve this stable place where we can provide all the care they need in an environment that understands their unique needs. Please don’t assume that someone else will help. YOU are the one who can help to make this happen! Thank you so much! 🙏🙏🙏🐾🐾 Donate now, every single Euro helps: by PayPal: or by bank transfer: IBAN/Konto-Nr.: CH92 8145 6000 0068 5867 4 SWIFT Code: RAIFCH22E56 Raiffeisenbank Hünenberg, Bösch 106, CH-6331 Hünenberg Beneficiary of payment: HalfwayHouse Bösch 106, CH-6331 Hünenberg Learn more about our work:

This are Katharina, Robin and their lovely dog Lia. *** For German please scroll down / Für Deutsch bitte nach unten scrollen Katharina & Robin recently got married and decided to donate the church collection of their wedding for our strays in need! By doing so Katharina and Robin helped 8 dogs on Koh Lipe to have enough food for one month and 2 dogs with infected wounds to get the needed medical treatment! It means the world for these 10 dogs and the generous act of Katharina and Robin gave hope to our strays on Koh Lipe! Thank you so much once again from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️🐾🐾🙏🙏🙏 We wish you just the very best for your future! Lots of love from the Halfwayhouse 4 Paws team and all our furry friends! —————————- Das sind Katharina, Robin und ihre bezaubernde Hündin Lia. Katharina & Robin haben kürzlich geheiratet und beschlossen, die kirchliche Kollekte ihrer Hochzeit für unsere Streuner in Not zu spenden! Auf diese Weise haben Katharina und Robin acht Hunden auf Koh Lipe geholfen genug Futter für einen Monat zu bekommen und zwei weiteren Hunden mit infizierten Wunden, die notwendige medizinische Behandlung ermöglicht! Dies bedeutet die Welt für diese 10 Hunde und die großzügige Geste von Katharina und Robin gibt unseren Streunern auf Koh Lipe Hoffnung! Nochmals vielen Dank von ganzem Herzen! ❤️🐾🐾🙏🙏🙏 Wir wünschen Euch für die Zukunft nur das Allerbeste! Alles Liebe vom Halfwayhouse 4 Paws Team und all unseren Fellnasen!

My name is Mr. Limp When I was found I was more death than alive. I couldn’t wake anymore and even if I wanted to eat I couldn‘t swallow the food. Luckily the man who found me brought me to the Help4Strays Rescue Center where they cared for me. They found out that the reason why I felt so terrible was because I was infected with distemper and e. canis. Both diseases are very dangerous and that I am still alive is only because I got the needed medical care at the rescue center. They need people like YOU who support their work because the medical care, food etc. for strays like me is very costly. Your donation truly saves lives! I have a lot of furry friends on the Island who need care. Please help to save more strays like me:

Hello world do you remember me? Yeah it‘s me Little Finn, the tiny pup from Koh Lipe. 😃 I was brought to the Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe in February this year because I wouldn‘t have survived otherwise. I have now my own Instagram site: Come and follow my adventures! I promise they will make your day. 😍 Halfwayhouse 4 Paws not only saved me but they are helping countless other strays like me with their project Help4Stays. Check out This is your chance to get involved. Your support really save lives! ❤️🐾🐾 🐾

Tommy the new receptionist at @thesunflowerlipeguesthouse which supports our Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe 😻 Before we sterilized Tommy he was a real fighter and we had to treat his severely infected wounds. Now he calmed down and has a place to stay. ❤️ Only because of people like you we can help these strays in need! Please go to to learn more about our work and to support our cause. Thank you all! 🙏🐾🐾

A personal thanks note from one of our founders to Keira & Louise our most dedicated volunteers Keira from the very first moment we‘ve met on Koh Lipe you were dedicated to support our project for the strays with your time and love. Together we stretched our personal limits for the greater good. Your calm and gentle approach often helped to balance my temper at times when I was not on my best. I deeply appreciate everything you did and everything you are still doing on a daily base for our project. You are an amazing human being and it is an honor to work with you. Your compassion for the strays on Koh Lipe helps to make this world a better place. Thank you so much for your friendship and your continuous personal support of our project! Last but not least I also would like to mention your yoga studio Keirita's Yoga Koh Lipe that generously supports our cause! Louise same as Keira since the first time we’ve met on Koh Lipe 4 years ago you‘ve been and you still are very passionated about our project. You gifted your time, your energy and your love for these animals ever since. Along with Keira you were one of the few persons who were there when nobody else was. A thing that I specially appreciate is that you were always bluntly honest with me. Beside of all the work we shared, the most amazing thing for me was to see how much you‘ve personally been growing in these years and how you overcame your own limits just by the pure love for these animals. I’ve told you many times that I see an incredible potential in you if you just allow yourself to unfold it and how proud I am of you and I can‘t say it enough. I love you like a sister Louise and I believe in you! Lots of love to both of you Désirée

Because of kind people like you Snowflakes story has a happy end! When we found Snowflake on the streets of Koh Lipe, she was in a terrible condition. Snowflake had sever wounds and necrosis on her ears and face. She was examined and given medication by the veterinarians during one of our field clinics. The success was moderate and Snowflake suffered a relapse soon after. The only chance we had to help Snowflake was by sending her to the clinic on the mainland for further examination and medical treatment. At the clinic it turned out that Snowflake is FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and that she was suffering of a rare form of cancer which also had grown into one of her eyes. Snowflake received treatments and needed to undergo surgical resection of the ears and one eye. Despite of all that she went trough, Snowflake was always showing her strong will to live and was happy as long as she just got lots of TLC. Snowflake is free of cancer and not bothered at all by her appearance. She got adopted and is now living happily and receives all the love and care that she deserves. ❤️😻 Please go to and get involved!

Support our project by enjoying holidays in paradise @thesunflowerlipeguesthouse! 😃🐾🙏❤️🏝☀️👍🏻 Please check it out: The Sunflower Guesthouse provides you with cozy accommodation, reasonable room rates and the unique experience to meet the amazing rescued animals who call the Help4Strays Rescue Center home. ​ It is situated in the southeastern part of Koh Lipe / Thailand in a quiet area with tropical surrounding not even a five minutes’ walk away from the stunning Sunrise Beach and ten minutes’ walk away from Walking Street. We offer you interesting onsite activities and the opportunity to get actively involved into animal welfare. ​ Our Guesthouse supports the project Help 4 Strays project sustainably and on a long term base financially with part of the profit and by providing the needed land and room to open and run an Animal Rescue Center. ​

Will you help is to help strays like little Toby? These strays who have no one else to turn to need your support! Learn more about our work: 🐶

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