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Héctor Bellerín

Arsenal FC player & Spain International. Twitter: @HectorBellerin.

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Clean sea, wish it was like that everywhere

I know it's the NLD tomorrow but it's going be very hard for me to imagine one without this man. Since I came into the first team I can't name anyone who was supported me, taught me and believed in me even in my lowest times as much as @nachomonreal_. Gonna miss you in the dressing room my brother. Wish you all the best for your next chapter. ☹️🙏🏼

Hornbæk, Denmark, August 2019

Cuppa T

Looking at the comeback like👀

In flight pastime ✍🏼

We keep it classy at the Emirates.

Can't wait for the link up 👀 Bienvenido hermano! @danifuli10

Thank you LA for all the ❤ on tour!


Swipe to see why I'm celebrating 👀

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