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You're pretty amazing (📸: @selfcare4yu)

Ever crave a healthy snack, but covered in chocolate? (📸: @erikacarlock)

Sounds like a goal we should all strive for (📸: @girlsbuildingempires)

Sometimes you just need a mid-week pick me up (📸: @scraperka)

We bet you've never seen a face mask like THIS! For our latest adventure, @laurenwitonsky tried @repechage's famous Four Layer Facial and the seaweed treatment totally lived up to the hype. Check out our Instagram Stories to see all of the steps it took to get here 👆

All good (and delish!) things 🙌📸: @alison__wu

Birth control should be simple, right? If only. Navigating all the options and finding the right one for you can be daunting. And when your life changes—your birth control often needs to change as well. . Health is here to help. On September 26, 2019——Health is teaming up with @heyokreal, a woman-focused mentorship program founded by @ameohmy, and @NaturalCycles, an app-based, hormone-free method of birth control, to bring you the Voice of Choice, a conversation about today’s contraception options and what women can collectively do to make them more accessible and empowering. Tap the link in bio to find out how to reserve your spot for this free NYC event. (Oh and did we mention breakfast from @eggshopnyc will be served? See you there!)

Enjoy the little things (📸: @hayaisreading)

Give yourself the kindness you give others

If fall decorating brings you joy, then it's absolutely time to break out the foliage (📸: @arteperpiacere)

This photo series proves that all women should feel confident in their own skin. . Bethanie Garcia of @thegarciadiaries explains that once she bece a mom, she felt like all "sexiness" went out the window. “I spent the first several years of motherhood feeling anything but . My had endured so many changes and I honestly didn't recognize the woman I saw staring back at me in the mirror,” Bethanie explains. “My husband always *wanted* me and told me how beautiful and I was, but those words didn't make me feel any better about myself internally. They were like little band-aids that made me feel better for a moment, but the wound was still open and there.” . But once Bethanie started her journey towards self-love and positivity, she also saw a huge shift in her mentality: “I started loving my , appreciating my , seeing my for what it was. My has endured loss, my has given me four healthy children, my has struggled with and depression, my has overcome. And once I was actively appreciating and loving my , I couldn't help but see it as . I started flirting and teasing my husband and wearing I wouldn't have dreed of wearing before. I started seeing every roll and curve and dimple as beautiful. I started feeling for living my life unapologetically—regardless of my size. I wasn't worried about what people think or what society's definition of is. I feel in my skin and I thankful every day for this of mine.” . Tap the link in bio to see the rest of the inspiring women included in the series. (📸: @darrelletorres)

The weekend isn't over yet — there's still time to unwind with some self care (📸: @nieks_servies)

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