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I would love to own a football team, but I’d settle for owning that suit tbh.

The deeper the v-neck, the closer to God.

Honestly, I think his girlfriend will understand.

I don’t know who to feel bad for in this episode. None of them? All of them?

Kendall: Me, thinking about how I love the Roys more than the Pierces. Shiv: Also me, judging myself for loving the Roys more than the Pierces.

Steve Carell is there? On my way. Stream Welcome to Marwen tonight.

Season 3 of Room 104 premieres on Friday the 13th. Coincidence? Yes, actually, but spooky nonetheless.

I can’t let another go by without paying homage to @christucker in Rush Hour 2.

Extremely happy for all the His Dark Materials fans out there. They deserve this.

This season of Ballers is really living up to its name.

I don’t know one person who can’t relate to @lauradern hating her job.

I'm ready for Candy. The final season of The Deuce premieres tonight at 9 pm.

"Take the fucking money." — William Shakespeare

You know when your favorite couple is on the rocks and you selfishly think about how it's going to affect you?

Fashion today is so lame. Stream Mary Queen of Scots tonight.

She is now your Aunt Tiffany. Please address her as Aunt Tiffany below.

Only 263 days until Summer Fridays are back.

Gronk opens up, and he's not the only one. A new episode of premieres tonight at 11pm.

I don't know if The Normal Heart will make you cry, but Sasha's passion for it probably will.

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