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Ignore all the things- like my annoying mom voice and the mess from moving day!!! Ha but had to share this video of Lulu’s first steps! 🥰

Nothing should get in the way of saving memories like this gem 😊 Which is why @lifetouch has declared September 12th as National School Picture Day! To celebrate, they’re hosting a contest where you can nominate your kids’ school to receive a complimentary digital picture. See my story for how you can enter for your chance to win!

Thank you @champagneandmilk for taking pictures like this of my little hippie child. 💕 You are the best.

Somebody is happy to be home! And took her first steps yesterday! 🌟 It’s Lulu’s world... we just get to chill here.

Storming the castle!! 😎🥂 Finally started moving in to our new home and couldn’t be move excited! Lots of construction left to do but embracing the chaos 🙏✨

Shooting the @littlemoonsociety women’s activewear capsule today and so excited to get these fab pieces in to your closets! 🌟

Been twinning in our @canyonleaf necklaces all weekend! ✌️ One of my favorite things we sell at the shop @littlemoonsociety 💕

That moment when I go to my pantry and realize I have all the ingredients for my family’s favorite dinner! 🙌 Thanks to canned foods for being the ultimate sous chef in the kitchen!🥫☺️ @CansGetYouCooking

Soaking up this heat wave & sharing my favorite summer salad on my story today! 🍉🥑🌿☀️

When you are the baby sister... and sooo excited to get to hang with the big girls! 🤩

Another ☀️ Another Both my girls can now say that their first ferris wheel rides were here. Thank you! ✌️ See ya next year.

Typical 😂 What Lulu wants... she takes! 🙌💕

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