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@ladygaga’s new beauty brand | We believe beauty is how you see yourself. Be kind to yourself + others. Cruelty-free & vegan

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We can't get enough of all your killer creations⚡️ - Be sure to tag us using so we don't miss any of your looks and head to our IG Stories now to see what the beauty community is saying about our products!

Bringing you some major eye candy 😉 This lineup includes: ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1 and EYE ARMOR KIT (EYE-LIE-NER + WINGTIPS) Both stickers go on and off for a fierce look in seconds and were created in collaboration with our first HAUS GUEST @face_lace 🖤 TIP: For an easy look, pick up our EYE ARMOR KIT made to fit every eye so we can all it with a perfectly cut wing 🔪

THE SECRET IS OUT 😝 We've partnered with our first HAUS GUEST, Phyllis Cohen at @face_lace to create this incredible ARMOR MASQUE NO.1. @ladygaga & @sarahtannomakeup have been using Face Lace's quick-change eye stickers for years to create Gaga's legendary on stage looks... who remembers the iconic Super Bowl look? Now we're bringing it to you 🖤 These are fully customizable and reusable so you can create a look that's all your own with these multi-piece stickers that are designed to flatter every face and eye shape. ⚡️AVAILABLE NOW - globally ⚡️AVAILABLE NOW - @amazon US & China ⚡️10/1 - @amazon globally

🎉 OUR HAUS IS OFFICIALLY OPEN 🎉 Our black-as-night LIQUID EYE-LIE-NER in shade PUNK is waterproof with a flexible felt-tip that makes versatile looks easy. Create precise fine lines or bold dramatic looks like @ladygaga's🤘 Anyone catch her look last night at our ? Swipe to see 👉 Find our EYE-LIE-NER at or @amazon now ⚡️

INTRODUCING LIQUID EYE-LIE-NER: because makeup is a lie we wish were true 〰️ Get ready to create @ladygaga’s signature wing with her go-to eyeliner! Our black, matter-than-matte, flexible felt-tip eyeliner is waterproof and ready to last you through the entire performance and encore 🤘 EYE-LIE-NER and all of our single shades of , & are available right now!🎉 Check our Instagram stories if you want to see a couple more surprises 😉 ⚡️AVAILABLE NOW - globally ⚡️AVAILABLE NOW - @amazon US & China ⚡️10/1 - @amazon globally

From @ladygaga: "Between developing formulas, mixing the shades, designing the packaging and components, as well as casting the models and collaborating on styling, direction, and being the creative director, pulling all-nighters making boards that showed all our imagery and art—this launch is so very special to me. This is a labor of love and passion to be the Warhol of an artist I’ve always wanted to be. I love everyone who works w/ me @hauslabs we are a family on a mission: to inspire bravery, inspire a positive community that breeds self-acceptance. We want you to see you as you see yourself. Thank you for going on this journey with me. This isn’t just makeup. It’s a battle. A battle for your life. And I hope this makeup inspires you as much as makeup did when I fell in love with it and it helped me discover myself. I love you. We want you to love yourself ❤️"

You’re a LEGEND - with or without makeup 😏 Who’s running to pick up in LEGEND? Individual shades launching soon: ⚡️9/17 - globally ⚡️9/17 - @amazon US & China ⚡️10/1 - @amazon globally

DOUBLE TAP if there's one single shade you've been dying for and drop the shade name below 👇 Choose your favorite individual shades beginning 9/17 📆

INDIVIDUAL SHADES COMING 9/17 📆 Which single HAUS product have you been dying to add to your collection? Express yourself with a sheer, emerald contour like @ladygaga wearing in DYNASTY and pick up other individual shades of GLAM ATTACK, RIP LIP LINER, and LE RIOT LIP GLOSS soon: ⚡️9/17 - globally ⚡️9/17 - @amazon US & China ⚡️10/1 - @amazon globally Shot and cut by @dwyski Music by @matthewleonardleeb

Are you ready to ?

Soon everyone will be attacking glamour, dying over lip liner, and causing riots over lip gloss with us🌪 Tag your makeup loving crew below 👇

Double tap if you’re daydreaming about all the killer looks you’ll be creating VERY SOON 🗯

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