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Harvard Medical School

Six decades after his death, groundbreaking bacteriologist William Augustus Hinton was honored in a portrait ceremony at Harvard Medical School.⁣ ⁣ Born in 1883 to former slaves, Hinton earned his MD with honors from HMS and became @Harvard’s first black professor. His syphilis research changed the course of medicine. Hinton became an expert on the disease and created a new test for diagnosing syphilis that was adopted by the U.S. Public Health Service.⁣ ⁣ “Professor Hinton was indeed a pioneer. A brilliant thinker, experimentalist and a force for good in the service of humankind. He changed the world and made Harvard Medical School a better place in the process. We proudly honor him here today,” said HMS Dean George Q. Daley at the portrait unveiling.⁣ ⁣

Harvard Medical School

Troy Ameen has set his sights on becoming a surgical administrator, a profession he thinks will prepare him to one day run an urban hospital and institute changes that would address socioeconomic inequalities. Now a fourth-year medical student and a first-year @HarvardHBS candidate, his ultimate goal is to change how health care is delivered.

Researchers at HMS and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a new method for supercooling human livers that can triple the time that a donor stays safe and viable. This development could greatly expand the availability of healthy livers for transplantation, improve utilization, and reduce some of the time pressure on procurement and transplantation teams. (📷: @massgeneral)

Thanks to @livio_boston for sharing this beautiful photo of sunset at Harvard Medical School!

Claire Wagner has ten years of experience working in the global health arena. Currently a fifth-year medical student and second-year @harvardhbs candidate, Wagner says that both programs have equipped her “to tackle big problems in health care.” With her dual degree, she plans to continue her work in health care delivery and her career in improving access to medicine and technologies.

This image of a retinal fundus, the interior lining of the eye, exhibits no-to-mild diabetic retinopathy. Researchers at HMS and @joslindiabetes found that individuals with type 1 diabetes who did not develop retinal disease had higher levels of 4 proteins. One protein, retinal binding protein 3, was shown to protect both the neuroretina and the vascular retina from diabetes-induced retinal disease, in part by helping to inhibit retinol-cell uptake of glucose, thus dampening the production of inflammatory factors linked to retinal disease. (📷: The Medalist Study, Beetham Eye Institute, Joslin Diabetes Center)

A number of physicians are developing new models for the delivery of primary care. Some, like alumna Tonya McDonald, have established independent concierge practices that include the iconic home visit. “In some ways, this is a throwback, an old-school approach to medicine,” McDonald admits. “But it gives me the opportunity to help rebuild the doctor-patient relationship. It’s a gift to be able to truly bond with families.”

Harvard Medical School

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ben Ewen-Campen began his scientific career studying wild birds in Alaska and beetle horns in Montana. Now a research fellow at HMS, Ewen-Campen investigates development and cell signaling in fruit flies and helps create tools to probe the function of multiple genes at once. He also has a second major commitment each day: participating in local politics. In 2017, he ran for and won a seat on the Somerville City Council. Learn more about Ewen-Campen’s research, public service and the ways the two jobs intersect and diverge in our story.

Harvard Medical School

The works of Joel Kowit depict iconic examples of scientific achievement in biological research, fusing science and art in stained glass. ⁣ ⁣ This artwork shows the crystal structure of Cas9, the enzyme that has made gene editing for human diseases a reality. The cylinders represent helical regions of the protein. The multicolored, winding stripes represent the guide RNA. Different structural and functional regions of the protein and the DNA/RNA bases are color-coded. ⁣ ⁣ Kowit’s collection of biostained glass is on display in the New Research Building until September 9.⁣ ⁣

Harvard Medical School

First-year students gather in the new Student Study and Collaboration Center with classmates in their Academic Societies. All HMS students are assigned to one of five Academic Societies in their first year and remain a member of their society throughout their time at HMS. Academic Societies provide a community of support and help students develop a team-based investigative approach to medicine.

Harvard Medical School

Summer blooms in the Vanderbilt courtyard.

Harvard Medical School

As they embark on their journey to become physicians and dentists, the incoming class of students continued an annual Harvard Medical School tradition by composing an original class oath and reciting it together in front of family and friends at the White Coat Ceremony. This year, translations of the oath were posted on campus in 7 languages: English, Yaqui, French, Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Spanish.

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