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I love that there is a birth-podcast @fodselspodden here in Norway! Empowering women with information before taking on a duty that is beyond grand. I just told my story which is up now. In Norwegian only so far, sadly. I’m not the biggest selfie gal, but this had to be taken. I was in between contractions and waiting to be picked up by @stianskaug to go to the hospital. I was wondering what pants to wear 😂What do one wear to go give birth?

Grand Hotel Oslo

Weekend vibes 💃🏻


Lemme tell you, that these pants are from a trip to Cambodia years ago and they are such a favorite and so fun to style with my summer pieces. The textile industry is one of the worst polluters we’ve got, so aiming to find long time favorites to add to my closet is key and it’s also sustainable. One more garment to love, cherish and get lots of wear out of, means one less fast fashion piece bought.


It was a @louisvuitton kind of day 🐒

Kragerø, Norway

At least my dress is blue

Oslo, Norway

Happy first fathers day to the best @stianskaug We are so lucky to have you in our lives❤️

Restaurant Cala d'Hort

I love this stroller! It works equally good on Ibiza sand as on heavy snow 🐳@stokkebaby

Es Vedrá

Beautiful Ibiza! ☀️

Nordstrand, Oslo, Norway

Ferdinand’s first May 17th celebration 🇳🇴❤️

Oslo, Norway

I had no idea how grand and magical it would be giving birth! All I was worried about was the pain, but that was so little compared to the incredible experience it was. So happy to have my very first Mother’s Day ❤️

Stepped out of my maternity leave to talk about how it really is attending the amazing Met gala, on the national news in Norway @nrk at 19:00 tonight

Met memories 💞

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