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Rescued by @kittenxlady/@iamthecatphotographer. BFF’s living in MD with our family & Raindrop. 👇$25 off a Litter Robot 👇

PO Box 391 Maugansville, Maryland

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Scroll thru the pics & videos... this toy was a hit with EVERYONE! Hank & Kodi played with it right after I put it’s technically for the fosters, but I figured the girls could give it a thorough safety check first😹 The foster kittens took to it immediately & were still playing with it this morning when I was getting their breakfast ready! (Toy is from @amazon & the brand is @petstages) *Thank you to Morena for this sweet gift!* • •

❤️ My sweet napping angels ❤️ For anyone wondering, Hank seems to be feeling better. She had peed in the tub a few times, but that has stopped. She’s taking antibiotics & loves them, because that means she gets a Pill Pocket treat 😹 She’s also been super cuddly, which I’m loving! I’m anxious for her recheck appointment next week, I’ll definitely update afterwards. Thank you all for loving my girls! • •

Crazy for the ‘nip... • •

New foster babies! 💝 They’re approximately 6 weeks old...super cute, super shy & super under weight... They came to me already named & I love the names, so they’re keeping ‘em! Introducing the Sweetz Crew- Runtz, Pez, Twizzler, Twinkie, Razzle & S’mores. The first 2 individual pics are Runtz. She is 10 ounces! I put my hand there for sizing, I do not have abnormally large, ape hands 😂 she is just that little! Next is Twinkie, S’mores & Pez. S’mores is ridiculous sweet already & the rest are coming around little by little ❤️ I keep telling them, we got this babies!! If you’d like to help me with their care, my Amazon Wishlist link is in our bio & in today’s IG story. I always appreciate the ways y’all help support me, my girls AND my fosters. Y’all totally rock 🤘 (The shelter covers all of their care medically, thank goodness!) Right now, I have 12 cans of wet food...but if you foster, you know how long that lasts! 😹😹 I better get my to @petsmart ASAP!!! 🏃‍♀️ 🚗 💨 • • • ***PS Hank is doing well! She loves taking her meds because she gets Pill Pockets! LOL! She likes her new RX food too...I look forward to her follow up appointment results!!***

❤️ Y’all are the best, so many comments & messages of love for my girl(s)! I’ve read them all & I appreciate them ❤️ Thank you for loving my babies....this online cat community is incredible! • •

Need some prayers, positive energy, good vibes....ALL of the above for my sweet girl, please. I caught Hank peeing in my bathtub this morning & immediately it set warning bells off to me to call the vet. I used a handy dandy syringe from my fostering supplies & collected a sample. Her results came back as having a UTI & lots of crystals. Hank is on some meds & a new RX food. (Thank goodness, we tried it & she likes it 🙌🏻) She goes back on the 23rd for a recheck & a sonogram... I was meant to walk in the bathroom at that exact moment & catch her in the act...if not I wouldn’t have known which cat did it! • •

Once upon a time Kodi had the most perfect box seat in the world.... then this little vulture named Hank started trying to swoop in on her spot 😸😹 These 2 me up...always BFF’s, no matter what ❤️ • •

We got another new treat/ enrichment toy for the spoiled girls... This is called Sliders Treat Maze & it’s from @catamazingtoy. It really held Rainy & Kodi’s interest... (Hanky is treat motivated, but a little lazy 🤷🏻‍♀️) Kodi hunted & searched until all the treats were gone! Rainy had fun too, but this toy was totally Kodi’s jam- she absolutely loved it! Now I have to go out tonight & get more treats! • •

My wonderful welcoming committee was waiting as soon as I walked in the door ❤️❤️ They had to sniff me & my bags to be sure I wasn’t cheating on them with other kitties (shhh, we won’t tell them about the black & white kitty I was scritching on last night 🤫) Then my @thelitterrobot app reminded me to get downstairs & empty the waste drawer... I seriously love this dang litter box. I’ve been out of town the last two weekends & I didn’t have to ask anyone to do the chore of scooping. My mom took care of the girls this weekend & I’m sure gave them lots of love & too many treats 😸 • • 😴

Ocean City Boardwalk

Labor Day Weekend in @oceancitymaryland was awesome! We had great weather & finally got to meet Pip!! @imfeelingpipsy Be glad you weren’t there, my mom & Trin had to hear me flap my gums all weekend about how cute & cool Pip is & how we’re gonna train the girls to give high fives for treats😹 LOL! When I get obsessed with a subject I just don’t shut up 🤷🏻‍♀️😁 Meeting Pip & his parents, Emily & Jacek was definitely a highlight to our trip. I got a copy of their book, Pip’s Guide To Ocean’s very cute! I also got some stickers & a enamel pin to add to my growing collection. Pip even send home a couple of jingle ball toys that Hank & Kodi have squabbled over LOL! It was awesome to meet ya Pip, I look forward to seeing you on our next trip to OC! 🌊 If you get to OC, make time to check out Pips schedule on his IG or website, he’s quite the cutie & he’s very treat motivated 😸 I’d like to see him sometime when he’s allowed on the beach & in his happy place playing in the sand. (In OC, animals aren’t allowed on the beach from May - September) Hank, Kodi & Rainy stayed home & were well taken care of by Trins BFF’s family! Thanks Sherry, Coop & brothers! ❤️ • •

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