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Heading into the weekend like... @adidas 🦍🦍

Ha!!! Love this! Repost @cooper.81 You know it! Keep crushing! @splitnutrition @pfc_nutrition

Taking his lumps and earning his bumps. @tdashrich ・・・ A Beast Is Forming ...😈 TR

Beverly Hills, California

The Future’s So Bright... Q- Who is cooler than Billy Dee Williams? A- Nobody. Absolutely nobody. ・・・ Starting my day the best way 😎🏋️‍♀️

Redemption. @dwighthoward

Back at it? Nope, never left... @javalemcgee ・・・ Have you been there? Do you know the focus it takes? Do you have the stamina, focus, and mindset it takes to be a champion. Its a habit to work this hard and i dont plan on breaking any habits!


Evening moves. Dinner is earned. I’m no @zachjvogel but I definitely wont stop! Big Sky, BIGGER HILLS!


Morning moves. Sticks in hand because I saw a coyote. Haha like that would help...


‘3 cowboys walk into a bar...’ Wait, @kevinlove where you at?!

Nothing like a friendly father son game of testicle golf.

Life is all about achieving that balance. Balance in your work life, family life and your body. @MitoQ helps me maintain my energy levels so nothing falls off track... until the end... may need to up my dosage!

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