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If it had been any more fun it would have been illegal @subbanator ・・・ Thank you to all my trainers & Sponsors for all your help this summer! All of you bought in and committed to early mornings, long days and gruelling training sessions... Everyday was Tough! but man did we have fun working our Butts off! 😈

... countdown... @javalemcgee ・・・ FREE GAME Get to the grind... it only a little... the benefits are worth the .....

Heading into the weekend like... @adidas 🦍🦍

Ha!!! Love this! Repost @cooper.81 You know it! Keep crushing! @splitnutrition @pfc_nutrition

Taking his lumps and earning his bumps. @tdashrich ・・・ A Beast Is Forming ...😈 TR

Beverly Hills, California

The Future’s So Bright... Q- Who is cooler than Billy Dee Williams? A- Nobody. Absolutely nobody. ・・・ Starting my day the best way 😎🏋️‍♀️

Redemption. @dwighthoward

Back at it? Nope, never left... @javalemcgee ・・・ Have you been there? Do you know the focus it takes? Do you have the stamina, focus, and mindset it takes to be a champion. Its a habit to work this hard and i dont plan on breaking any habits!


Evening moves. Dinner is earned. I’m no @zachjvogel but I definitely wont stop! Big Sky, BIGGER HILLS!

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