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Grand Canyon Village, Arizona

Good morning from Grand Canyon National Park on Monday, September 23, 2019. The first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. This view is from Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim. Thunderstorms and rain showers are likely this afternoon. -mq . . Description: Early morning light illuminating cliffs and peaks within a mile-deep canyon landscape.

Grand Canyon Railway steam doubleheader arriving at Village to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the revival of Grand Canyon Railway. Description: 2 steam locomotives pulling a train. -mq 9/21/2019

Grand Canyon Yavapai Point

‪“Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him.” -Hal Borland -mq‬ [Description: from a scenic overlook, looking down into a vast canyon landscape of cliffs and peaks.]

National Park Service staff closed the doors on livestock trailers yesterday, securing 31 bison inside to transfer them to the InterTribal Buffalo Council who will take them on the journey to join their new herd with the Quapaw tribe in Oklahoma. . The transfer of the bison concluded the Grand Canyon National Park's pilot program for corralling and relocating bison from the North Rim. . "It's an historic moment. These are the first bison ever captured and permanently removed from Grand Canyon," said Grand Canyon National Park Bison Project Manager Miranda Terwilliger. . Leading up to the corralling operations, a corral was regularly supplied with food and water to encourage bison to enter freely and increase their exposure to humans. . "It's a passive process. You want to work as quietly and calmly around the bison to keep their stress levels down because they have very little interactions with humans," said Chris Clark, the South Rim lead mule packer who served as the corral boss." . After a large group of bison entered the corral, during the operation period, staff closed the corral gates and began processing them in preparation for shipment. The processing included separating and releasing bison that were too young or too large or old to make the trip. They were guided into a squeeze chute, where the scientists took blood and genetic samples and tagged them per U.S. Department of Agriculture shipping regulations. . "We had an amazing team who worked really well together," said Terwilliger. "We did a lot of mock runs and training in advance with other parks and agencies." . Biologists from the Kaibab National Forest, Yellowstone National Park, Badlands National Park, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the InterTribal Buffalo Council assisted. Also present was a National Park Service veterinarian to oversee the well-being of the bison. . There's approximately 600 bison on the North Rim, and Grand Canyon National Park is reducing the size to under 200 over the next three to five years to protect park resources from the impacts of the bison population.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

From the paved footpath to Cape Royal on the North Rim, a side trail branches off to the east, to this natural arch named Angel's Window. The trail goes over the top of this narrow arch, (yes, there are guardrails on both sides 🙂) and provides spectacular views of the Colorado River, with Desert View across on the opposite side of the canyon. . In this photo, it is possible to see several people on top of the arch, and a bit of the Colorado River through the "window." . Grand Canyon Lodge, and the restaurants will close for the season on October 15. The campground remains open through the end of October. During the month of November, the North Rim is open for day use only. The North Rim closes December 1 for the winter. (Unless a major snowstorm closes the roads before that.) . . Photo courtesy Angela Ferrell @angelaferrellphoto

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon NP

24 plein air artist just spent a week painting Grand Canyon. . Their Exhibit, the 2019 Celebration of Art, opens tomorrow morning, and you're invited. (Sunday, September 15, at 11 am.) . Come see these beautiful paintings in person at the historic Kolb Studio on the South Rim. Exhibit is open daily through January 20, 2020. . Hosted each year by the Grand Canyon Conservancy, the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art is an annual event that includes 6 days of art related events followed by a 3 month long exhibition in Kolb Studio on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. . Proceeds from this event support the goal of funding an art venue at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This permanent home will ensure that future generations of park visitors will be able to view the stunning art collection in the Grand Canyon National Park Museum and Grand Canyon Association Collections. . 1) 23 plein air artists posing for a photo in front of a colorful landscape of peaks and cliffs. NPS/M.Quinn . 2) a variety of colorful landscape paintings hanging on exhibit in a gallery. GCC photo

The Harvest Moon will rise here at Grand Canyon at 6:51 pm, and will be full at 9:32 pm. (Friday, September 13, 2019) NPS/file photo -mq . Description: a full moon rising above canyon cliffs in a dark blue night sky.

Grand Canyon National Park

Today, Thursday 9/12/2019, 3-5 artists will be demonstrating their plein air painting techniques, between 4-6 pm, at El Tovar Hotel. (near the flagpole) . Grand Canyon Celebration of Art is taking place this week and features artists from around the country who are engaging in plein air demonstrations and getting together to create an exhibition this weekend that will be on display through January 20, 2020 in the historic Kolb Studio on the South Rim. . Watch the artists paint as they seek to represent the shifting light and shadow, amazing landforms, and vibrant colors of this vast landscape. . . Evening in Elysium, by Dawn Sutherland, will be one of the paintings on display at Kolb Studio September 15, 2019, through January 20, 2020. . Image: A painting of brilliant orange and magenta sunset light illuminating a calm river flowing between towering canyon walls.

"The river moves, but it follows a path. When it tires of one journey, it rubs through some rock to forge a new way. Hard work, but that's its nature." - Kekla Magoon . . Description: A calm, green river flowing through a channel at the base of brown and red cliffs. (around RM 76) Grand Canyon NPS photo/ BIC

Grand Canyon National Park

"Remember, light and shadow never stand still." - Benjamin West . It has been a breezy morning here at Grand Canyon, with fast moving shadows across a bright landscape. (Sept. 10, 2019) We are expecting cooler temperatures and breezy conditions through Wednesday, then, drier and warmer weather is likely Thursday and Friday. . . Description: looking into a deep canyon of colorful peaks and cliffs standing out against areas of deep shadows. .

You may see Plein Air artists scattered throughout the park this week, taking part in our 11th Annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art. (September 7-15, 2019) This is James McGrew, today, at Cape Royal, on the North Rim. @jamesmcgrewfineart . Visitors and locals will have the opportunity to watch the artists paint, as they seek to represent the shifting light and shadow, amazing land forms, and vibrant colors of this vast landscape. . Then, the studio paintings from each of the artists will be exhibited alongside plein air work they painted during the event, at an exhibition in historic Kolb Studio on the South Rim between September 15, 2019 and January 20, 2020 . All work is available for sale with proceeds going towards a fund to establish a dedicated art venue at the South Rim. @grand_canyon_conservancy . . . Description: Looking over the shoulder of an artist, who is painting onto a small canvas, a jagged peak rising within a canyon landscape. NPS Photo/Bryan Maul

Grand Canyon National Park

“Enjoy the beauty of a sunset, nature’s farewell kiss for the night.” – Sharon Rene . Tonight's sunset featured a mixture of smoke and rain to the west (1), and a warm, orange glow to the east.(2) Saturday, September 7, 2019, from Yaki Point on the South Rim. -mq .

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