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Wes Anderson has been wearing a suit since 1996, and honestly it just keeps getting better. Read more at the link in bio.

London, United Kingdom

Our fall color palette is officially “The Beckham Family.” See the 10 best dressed men of the week at the link in bio.

Madison Square Garden

We sent GQ’s real style correspondent Mordechai Rubinstein (AKA @MisterMort) to capture fan fits at Tyler the Creator’s first-ever headlining show at Madison Square Garden. See the full gallery at the link in bio.

, Timbaland: "Look at Quincy Jones—he was 50 when he did 'Thriller!' What’s my 'Thriller?' That’s the goal.”

Nicolas Cage, wolfman.

Here are 10 things @LilUziVert can't live without, from his @Goyard backpack to his $1,000 blanket. Full vid at link in bio.

Go inside @LilUziVert's GQ shoot at a Key Food in Brooklyn. See all the photos at the link in bio.💥💥

“Honestly, in my heart, I think I do this better than music. Cause the music sh*t is effortless. I actually take my time with this.” @LilUziVert talks getting dressed and more in a rare interview at the link in bio. (📸@daniellelevitt, styled by @simonrasmussen)

We went inside @LilUziVert's genderless, no-holds-barred fashion universe. At the link in bio, learn how the reigning king of emo discovered his love for purses, amassed a fortune of jawnz, and became a fit-pic hero. (📸@daniellelevitt, styled by @simonrasmussen)

, Brad Pitt: "There's strength in vulnerability. It's not a posing, strength of muscles, ‘I can do anything’ kind of blind confidence, but it's a real confidence in really knowing yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses. And being really…vulnerable to and open with the people you encounter, the people you love. Being able to laugh at your foibles.”

Tyler, the Creator put on his dancing shoes—and suit, and wig.

@liamjohnlittle took @jcrewmens new fall suits for a spin, each one completely distinct and completely essential.

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