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Landed at jfk back from my three hour tour

@chris__bordeaux caught my hat with his crotch


Banff, Alberta

Not gonna lie, I kind of hated it.

The reason to have children

Bouncy castle on Garbage Ave. ❤️ BK summers

Four years ago I gently and naturally pushed this sweet little thing out of me. Many of those things are untrue, except she is the sweetest little kid and I love her more than bladder control.

One two three pee!

driving behind the inventor of CBD OIL

Look at you, you have a baby(s)... in a bar.

Not into it

The most ‘90s invention still lives in my moms bathroom and is still filled to the brim with Finesse from Caldor 🌈

Final Frame

A play within a play 👅

Bernie's Restaurant

Weekend at Bernie’s (I’m the corpse)

Making arts and farts w/this gal since 2009 ❤️

Happy Father’s Day @chris__bordeaux ❤️

About to karaoke with my birthday @annabean23 @karen__maine ! Love you gals. No match box 20 plz

My mom saved my cabbage patch kid. She also made me change her name because it was too Christian. And now I’m now forcing my daughter to watch me play with it. Parenting is pretty easy.

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