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Active duty Military;z list youtube star. @bigdaddyunlimited @gunmagwarehouse @cigueragear @vertx_official @rosco_mfg Discount code: GarandThumb

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13.7 builds so hot right now @sonsoflibertygw 13.7 build @kahlesshooting K16I 1-6x @lucastrexarms offset dpp mount @leupoldoptics delta point pro @arisakadefense 600 series light and ssm mount @black_phase_tactical perst-3 @ferroconcepts slingster -15

M2 Carbine, Korean War vibes @sonsoflibertygw their gun

“You’re going to speed this up aren’t you?” @lucastrexarms @eotech @triarcsystems

@sonsoflibertygw has given me free reign of their facilities during my TDY and has been totally bitching about helping me out. These guys also make absolute top of the line rifles. Highly recommended that you check them out. @sonsoflibertygw Ar-15 @eotech @firstspear gloves @gunmagwarehouse for the mags!

Gladiator style reviews coming soon

The power of the populace to make me get briefings on things I never wanted to know

New wolfenstein game looks great. Video on the ferro concepts advanced slickster is up. @refactortactical @ferroconcepts advanced slickster @safarilandgroup als holster

Working on some light throtlling with near to far targets. Heavy influence from @tony_cowden @lucastrexarms @danieldefense mk18 @eotech exps 3-0 @ferroconcepts advanced slickster @refactortactical

Man using blowtorch on fence (Activision, Call of Duty Modern warfare) @danieldefense mk18 @surefire_llc suppressor socom-rc @_opscore maritime

Working on retaining those mags @danieldefense mk18 @surefire_llc suppressor @vortexoptics razor gen II @vertx_official guardian shirt @haleystrategicofficial heavy rig

I sense.. great anger in you

He monch optics @fn_america SCAR 17S @armament_tech elcan specter (he not get monched) @bemeyers MAWL

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