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Give me the simple life but make it colorful! Southern California forever. 🌴

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Disneyland Hotel

Care for a spot of TEA? ☕️ 😁My Mickey skirt and I spent yesterday getting spoiled with treats (give me Disney krispie treats or give me death) and crying at the beautifully magical videos the wonderful speakers showed us at the . I’m so thankful to Disney for inviting me. We got peeks at all the Halloweentime goodness at the parks (see my stories for Minnie and Mickey in what I think are the cutest outfits I’ve ever seen) and I loved learning all about and their work with @makeawishamerica and some of the inspiring people who run with @rundisney and the angels on this earth giving back with and then @ashleyeckstein finished it off talking about making our dreams come true and speaking them into the world. I’m honestly still honing in on what my ultimate dream is. I feel like this has always been my problem because you just have to know what you want to make a clear path for it to happen and then work HARD but I’ve never been able to put a tangible label on my dream. I do know it probably involves styling and Disney (shocker 😂). If you know what your ultimate dream is..please share! Speak (or type in this case) it out into the world and it SHALL come true! The power of positivity!

Going through my xanga the other day really put me in a funny state. I always say I feel way younger than I , but when I look back at my thoughts from 15 years ago I realize how immature I was and I’m SO GLAD I’m not that young anymore. Wisdom comes so slowly through making a lot of poor decisions and saying things you shouldn’t have but I’m grateful for that because I feel pretty solid on who I as a person these days. I know there are negatives about getting older but the positive of learning who you are and being secure with that should make up for most of them! I noticed a lot of insecurities and defensive behavior in my writing during that time that I had no idea I was projecting. When you are happy with yourself and you know who you are, there’s no need to criticize anyone else because when you are criticizing someone else it’s ALWAYS really just you hating on YOURSELF. These days I’m happy being me..unless I could be “Butterfly Girl” in the Marvel universe. 🤪 Here’s to the growing up we’ve done and all the growing up we have left to do. Every year I just want to be better. 💪🏻

This year I’m loving orange when paired with peaches and rusts. 🥰Which look is your fave? 1,2,3,4, or 5? 🍁🦇💕👻

Goldie Combs: bringing the sunshine since 2012. 🤩

Ahhh, new @sealy bedding...reading with my Goldie girl...feels like a good dream! 🥰 Head to @sealy for more on their amazing mattresses that will make you look forward to bedtime. 😀

Palm Springs, California

My mom and sis took me to see Bryan Adams for my birthday and it was the best. I can’t even imagine how many times I played the “Everything I Do (I do it for you)” cassette single in my room as a 9 year old. So special. Music is such a huge part of my memories. What’s a song that’s special to you from your childhood?

Are you guys ready?? 🎃 👻 🍁 ☕️

Cabazon Dinosaurs

The ONE time EVER that it wasn’t windy at the dinosaurs was the one time when I needed the wind to blow my dress. 🤣

Feeling zen in my bathroom (oops this was supposed to be the kid bathroom) with fresh hair thanks to @suavebeautyʼs Suave Professionals Lavender + Almond Oil. The lavender scent chills me out and the Almond Oil chills out the frizz! Thatʼs what I call a win/win! Get a bottle of this exclusive scent at Walmart when you’re there stocking up on candy corn. It’s never too soon for candy corn!


Magical times at Disneyland last evening. 😭🥰💕 Ok, so...when we left off the for all we knew we would never see each other again... I know a lot of you remember Xanga and I have it to thank for my whole life really. In February 2004, Somehow “hitlerhairdo” (Gabe’s handle) found “mytreehouse” (me), remembered me from Swingers two years earlier, and left me two comments on my blog post..”are u up?” “Wanna talk?” 😂 I definitely got those butterflies in my tummy and we chatted that night on AIM. We were both up in the middle of the night because he was on band schedule and I worked nights in the Fossil store at Universal Studios Citywalk and would come home and get online (dial up and it took about 5 minutes for each page to load) for hours before going to bed.😂 A few days later after chatting every day he called me and left a message and how I wish I still had the message! I remember him staying “I’ll be up for AWHILE if you want to call me back.” So he happened to be coming out to California on Valentine’s Day for a few shows here so we planned to meet up. The second slide here is my journal entry that morning and a long winded unnecessary joke about dance parties 🤪. You never know which day your life will change. 🥰 We drove my sisters Jeep down to Orange County from Santa Clarita on Feb 14th and had a really fun night. We went to The Block at Orange and Laur and I shared a frozen lemonade. It was pretty awkward to be honest but I remember writing in a letter to Gabe later that I felt like I should be holding his hand that night. He called me after we left and said something along the lines of “I’m sorry I was so weird, but I really like you.” We went to their “show” the next morning which was really a church service at the crystal cathedral’s “Hour of Power”. I remember going to Target after to try and get 50% off valentines candy. Most things don’t change. 😆 I somehow convinced my parents to let Laur and I drive Gabe up to San Francisco the next day where they had their next show and we drove up and back in the same day. Gabe slept on our couch that night and my mom always remembers how she came downstairs the next...continued below..

Ok, so I had NO IDEA what a difference a @sealy mattress makes. 😱Whenever I think about going to bed now I instantly feel like I’m laying on a cloud..if I even THINK of getting in bed. 😂We wake up feeling great when before we woke up with achey backs. Seriously the greatest investment! (And obviously during the day you’re supposed to do ballet on it 😂). Check back to see our new bedding! 🙌🏻 sponsored

Disneyland California

I look forward to the Mickey pumpkin every year. One of my favorite signs of the season. 🎃 What are you excited about for this fall??? 🍁

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