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The FSC is the only agency for & independent creative businesses! Come to one of our free events this month 👇

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Creatives, time to use your talents to do some good shit. Create something that amplifies the climate emergency message at The Global Climate Strike on Friday. @createandstrike

Expected to do something for nothing in the name of ‘exposure’? These chancers are rife, and we’re fighting back. F # @ K YOU, PAY ME. Read our article here or via link in bio

Peckham Levels

Sarah Hyndman will be hosting an interactive talk at our FSC Open exploring how type, perceptions and multi-sensory typography are used in business. _ Get your FREE TICKET via the link in our bio 🎟 _ Check out her book "Why Fonts Matter" where she breaks down the science and the art behind how fonts influence you. _ 📖 _ @typetasting

Do you know your ? FSC Advisor Sarah Hyndman author of ‘Why Fonts Matter’ & founder of @typetasting will be joining us on 26/9 to explore typefaces as cultural codes. Event & Tickets or via Link in our bio.

Want to play a game with us? Pick the type that speaks to you the most to find out your personality type. _ To hear the answers, check out Sarah Hyndman's unique approach to type as cultural codes at our FSC Open 19th September @peckhamlevels Book your FREE tickets here: or via the link in our bio. _ @typetasting

Oxford VR are building psychological treatments using state-of-the-art immersive technology. Using VR they can recreate situations that patients find difficult and help them practise more helpful ways of thinking and behaving. This would usually be impractical in face to face therapy. Ben Curtis is a VR Designer at Oxford VR and will be joining us at our next FSC Social to talk about the principles for UX Design in AR & VR.

Join us for an unmissable immersive experience at our FSC Open - @typetasting with Sarah Hyndman, where we will explore multisensory typography and typefaces as cultural codes through interactive and innovative audience activities. Get your ticket here or via the link in our bio. Here is some of her awesome work! 📸

Peckham Levels

The FSC is supporting our newest members, @realqueerstv a platform that creates documentaries from and for the LGBTQI+ community to share perspectives, and drive understanding and tolerance within the community and beyond. FSC is helping the team with their strategy planning and hosting their next documentary filming at the FSC offices this weekend as part of the FSC IF community support. @peckhamlevels


FSC impact fund start up Ten Green Bottles is about to launch an anti-plastic guerrilla campaign that we are super excited about that plays out in the year 2040 where plastics have taken over the world. People of keep your eyes peeled 👀

Only the honest get asked onto the unique stage and only the brave attend. Technology. Behaviour. Data. TBD Conference ‘Risk/Reward’ coming soon. December 6, 2019///08:30-17:30 Republic, London, UK @republic.ldn @paul__armstrong HereForth

Event tickets here:

Peckham Levels

We believe value doesn't come from financial contribution but from the sharing of knowledge, skills & experience. This is why, there's no membership fee, instead all of our members are asked to contribute One Free Thing to the community, whether that be a workshop, presentation, article or podcast. Pay it forward! @peckhamlevels @sywbitv @alisoncoward

Peckham Levels

Head to the Made in Peckham Youth Market (This Saturday!) Peckham's first and only youth market. @theyouthmarket_ @peckhamlevels A fantastic experience for young designers and creatives who want to showcase their talents.

FSC Advisor, Sarah Hyndman has been running some fascinating (and sold out!) workshops examining the hidden messages in London's typography this August. _ Sarah is an expert in multi-sensory typography and type faces as cultural codes and is the Founder of the @typetasting studio, where she runs interactive and innovative workshops, provides consultancy and does good for the world. _ We are lucky to have her joining us September 26th at our FSC Open, where we will be exploring how type, perceptions & multi-sensory typography are used in business. @peckhamlevels _ Join us for a great night! ⬇️ _ . . . .

We aim to be a force for good in the world 🌍so we created the FSC Impact Fund to put our talents to good use. Profits go in 💰and project ideas around community, sustainability & isolation come out. ♻️ Ten Green Bottles was the first start up to emerge from the FSC Social Impact Fund and has just won its first two certification clients with another 20 businesses in the pipeline about to be signed up.

The fields of VR and AR are exploding and design for these experiences differ significantly from the tried and tested methods of UX. _ In our next FSC Social, we’ll be considering existing UX principles in the context of VR and AR and discussing how they can be applied. _ We’ll follow the practical session with a fireside chat from Alex Horton @mrlexinky on his experiences with VR and AR through successful car launches, the Shard launch, the DeadMau5 VR experience through his unique lens based on his background working on some of the most influential video games. VFX and creative experiences. _ 🗣 FSC Social 💭UX Design in AR & VR 😎Speaker - Alex Horton 🗓Sep 19th 7pm 📍@PeckhamLevels _ FSCsocial

All these great perks, so what's the catch? 🤔 We don’t charge for membership, we just ask you to share your expertise once a year. We believe value comes from the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience. _ All our members are asked to contribute One Free Thing a year to the club, whether that be a presentation, workshop, article, podcast, or blog. And if putting yourself out there that way isn't your bag, we're asking for half a day's volunteering with one of our local community project partners. Pay it forward! _

Learn, connect and grow with the UX community. We're sponsoring the UX Crunch by @wearetechcircus If you’re attending one of their London events, come meet Avalyn to hear more about FSC and becoming a member.

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