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I'm "Cricket" a 2yr. girl Bordercollie. My stomping grounds are in Wisconsin,USA. Join me for fun country 🌲🐴 🐢 and farm 🐔🐈🐮 adventures!!

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Hi friends, my name is Dodger...i was just adopted! I'm a Pitbull and Carltahoula Leopard mix 2 month old fella. I have big shoes to fill... but my big sis (Cricket) already has me saddle broke!!

The perks of being a countrygirl, when you get tired, just pull up a Mom and plop on the ground!! 💤💤 Thank you @friendshipcollar for dressing up my Mom and me in matching gear!! We love them!!😘

Nothing goes with our Wisconsin cheese better than a couple Quacker's !!🐥🐦😁

It must be a Leap Year!! ☝🐕👆

When your stumped... Is it time to branch out?!

Working on my hygiene... Just can't get the hang of mouthwash!!

Why are they called "the banks" of a river, when there's no money in them?!? 💰💲🚫

I packed some bones and decided to head north for an adventure!!🚂👍

Your never fully dressed without a stick!!👖👕

Now that the ice is finally off, I wish I could freeze gorgeous moments like this!!

Some say the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.... Just checkin!!!🌿🐕🌱

Who ever said that a walk in the forest was not adventurous, never had to dodge a falling giant in the wind!!😱🌳🍃

I just realized, I'm not wearing matching socks😁....

Mom says to never run with sharp objects in my mouth... If i close my eyes... Does it count?!🙈🐕

Resting spots come in all shapes and peek throughs!!😁

Nose to the wind.... The sun on my chin... A new adventure awaits!! 👃🍃🌞 I thought it would be fun to enter @ford and @thiswildidea contest for adventure dogs!! 😁

I moss tell you this tidbit... avoid sun back lighting if your self conscious of your chin whiskers... Seriously!!🚫🌞📷

River rafting on icebergs... why not!!🙌😁

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