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Insuring businesses, supercars & super-toys for over 25 years! Check out our BRAND NEW Website👇🏼

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We are your Guardian Angels looking after your Financial Health. Marine insurance includes cover for ships, cargo, jet skis boats and other marine property. Let us use our knowledge and innovation to help you. We assure you, you cannot go wrong with ES Brokers. Phone: 031 502 1922

Travel insurance might seem like one of the most insignificant policies you can have. But the importance is actually unmatched. We spend a lot of money planning and investing in a vacation, more importantly; a vacation is supposed to be an experience that sets you free from your worries. Worry less with travel insurance. Travel Insurance is designed for independent and adventurous travellers. Secure yourself by contacting us today.

Contractors' All Risks (CAR) Insurance: If you are into construction and engineering, you would know that CAR insurance is one of the most vital for your business. This offers protection against hazards and protects you from a situation you cannot anticipate. For more information on how this policy can help you, contact us: Phone: 031 502 1922

Your house is your home because of all your sentimental items and possessions, it is a part of you and having to think of all your items being taken away without notice sounds traumatizing, we can imagine how one would feel. Speak to our friendly and trusting team that can help you get a quote that is suitable to your needs. Call us on 031 502 1922 or click the link in our bio

We have been in the insurance business for over 20 years so it's safe to say we provide specialized insurance solutions for your short term insurance policies, our experience has given us the knowledge as well as the expertise to offer our client the best packages tailored for their needs. We offer a range of insurance solutions such as specialized engineering, marine, goods in transit, commercial and other niche markets insurance plans as well as personal vehicle insurance and home insurance packages. We know that each individual is different and offering a one size fits all solution is not fair and will not address everyone's needs, we aim to give you the best price. Click the link in our bio to visit our website and get to know us better.

Short term insurance for businesses is an essential necessity for every business big or small, accidents happen and being struck by crime is a everyday worry in our country. Speak to our consultants about various long and short term insurance plans to have peace of mind that in case of unfortunate events, we will be there to help you recover. Call us on 031 502 1922 or visit our website, link in bio!

Insurance solutions no matter how small, big or complex your business may be. Get a Quote Today. 031 502 1922

Protect the legacy you will be leaving behind one day by ensuring you have a funeral policy in place. Our premiums remain competitive and market-related, giving you the best possible package for your money, both in price and quality. Contact us today: 031 502 1922

Chapmans Peak

Caring for your exotic car or fleet of vehicles means you should also be meticulous about getting the correct car insurance. Insure and protect your vehicle by choosing to Contact us today: 031 502 1922

We offer insurance plans that are based on individuals needs. We understand that people are individuals and thus have different needs, offering a one-size-fits-all solution is not always fair and does not always address everyone’s needs. Phone: 031 502 1922

Eid Mubarak to our clients celebrating, We wish you a blessed day!

Congratulations, lovely women. Today you deserve the most beautiful flowers and poetry! Happy Women's Day!

Public liability insurance is there to protect you if someone is injured (or their property is damaged) and your business is faced with a compensation claim as a result. We know that legal liability can have severe consequences for your business. Get A Quote Today. 031 502 1922

Whether your vehicle is your main means of moving around or one in a fleet, It is important to ensure it is insured. Let us help you. We aim to give our clients the best value for their money and the best price they can find in the industry. Contact us today and let our friendly consultants help you stay covered: | 031 502 1922 |

Are you an Event Planner? If you are going to host a special event, be it a wedding, a party or a public event we have tailored insurance plans that will cover your equipment. In the event that you are sued for bodily harm by the attendees of the event or if you are held accountable for the damage of the rented premise we also offer packages to cover that too. Speak to our consultants or request a quote to find a tailored package that suits your needs. Phone: 031 502 1922 or 082 450 8720

We understand that everyone has different needs, offering a one-size-fits-all solution is not always fair and does not always address everyone’s needs. Get a package tailored to your needs:

Request a quote or speak to our consultants to learn more about the insurance plans we can offer you for your Building projects. 031 502 1922

are there to create an obligation on the sponsor to pay upon the occurrence of a certain event as agreed upon when the parties signed an agreement. It ensures that the construction company is protected in the event that there is a delay that was caused by their client. Speak to our consultants to find the right package to suit your specific needs. | 031 502 1922 |

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