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🇺🇸✈️🇬🇧Lil homie from NYC ⚽️🧠”Mind Physio” 🤕💭Injury Specialist 🎓BS Hons.Sport Psychology 👱🏼‍♀️Blonde Mamba 😎Good Vibes Only 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇵🇱

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Convinced @tammyabraham1 ‘s signature goal celebration is the ☹️ emoji with that “yeah I just did that” attitude 🤣💙⚽️

Stamford Bridge

@didierdrogba supporting the u23s😅

New Era

Don’t know what’s become more of my signature style, the pink hair or the hip brace😂💕🙈 @time4diamonds 💎⌚️

New Era

With the main man himself @marvinnmorgan 🙌🏻 Such a great night with @freshegokid & soooo nice finally meeting you☺️ I remember when we first started talking on Twitter you said “you really like Drogba?” & I was like boyyyy take a look at my Instagram you ain’t seen nothing yet😂🤣 Really so good seeing you & im fully expecting an invite to play after my next surgery🙌🏻


Hahaha Timehop is something😂 Major Throwback to when I first arrived at Uni in Liverpool & actually had dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster, I took that pink mic everywhere. But I quickly began to strongly dislike (my mom made me delete the word hate) the media & I’m so happy I stopped pursuing a career in that field!!!! Now, I want to PROTECT athletes from the media! It makes me sad when I see what the media has become & it’s only getting worse. From stupid questions being asked, to outrageous headlines for click bait. “How do you feel after that loss?” HOW THE FCK DO YOU THINK HE FEELS AFTER THAT LOSS?!?!🙄 & sometimes athletes say wrong things in the heat of the moment like cursing, because their emotion gets to them. & then they get criticised for it, for being passionate??? & each time you ask a question or have a sit down discussion, the athletes are giving you their time, but what do they gain from it?? Athletes always give, give, give, & society just takes, takes, takes. Can I have an autograph, a selfie, can I ask a question, can I have your time. But who is asking them what can I do for you? How can I give back to you? & if anyone says “well they make enough” just unfollow me🙄 because they’re humans but don’t get treated as such enough! Also some of the content is just jheeeez. I used to say I stopped pursuing media cus I love the game too much to be reporting on haircuts & tweets🥴🙈 This is no disrespect to the few in their field who do their job brilliantly & like the badasses they are!!!! There are SO many women & men in sports media who I admire greatly & am inspired by! & I am so grateful for them & their outstanding work! But the sad reality is, no matter how classy, intelligent & passionate you do your job, someone can still twists the words to make headlines & benefit themselves for clicks. I never want to put an athlete in a position where him or her speaking would come back to hurt them. It’s so great to see more athletes speaking up in their own ways, but I think we should show just as much respect to those who don’t want to... & you can’t blame them!

Thinking of my strong, resilient city on this day. I am so proud to be a New Yorker. May we never ever forget🙏🏻❤️

3 years since my favourite Big Hug... the one I got tattooed @didierdrogba 😉 I miss seeing you play, but I miss these little moments the most! I remember it was my last game before I was going back to Liverpool & I was really hoping to get a hug, but I couldn’t be greedy, just watching you do what you love was amazing enough. After the game I gave you cookies & a letter of course, while you signed my moms Chelsea jersey. I had my Ivory Coast jersey in my hand, but I felt too guilty to ask you for your autograph. You’ve given me so much, more than I could ever thank you for, how dare I ask you for anything. But then you came back & I knew I’d regret not asking, but I nearly fell to the floor in shame. Literally me ->🥺. I tried to explain how much it meant to me to justify me asking, but you already knew why it was so special & which game I wore it at. “Ahh Ivory Coast vs Mexico in New Jersey.” @christy13x & I just looked at each other like 😧. Then with the help from @adriano_195826 you signed it “Big Hugs” & I’m thinking there’s no way you could have read that whole letter already in which I say that your hugs are my favourite thing in the world!!! & then you gave my one last Big Hug where I always gain strength, confidence & comfort (& some of your scoring powers since I scored in my first game in Liverpool). We said goodbye & you said “See you in New England!” & again my mom & I were like 🤯. Confirming that you can read my mind. That jersey was so much more than just a jersey. & your Big Hugs are so much more than just hugs. You give me the space to comfortably & confidently be myself. & for a moment I feel understood. Something so extremely rare for me. Having it tattooed just gives me so much strength & motivation. Sometimes when I’m going through a tough time I remind myself I have your autographs tattooed & ive got no time to be sad, I have to be inspired! You know when you’re pursuing your dreams & creating a positive change, the road can be lonely.No one really knows me & im often misunderstood but I don’t let it get to me. I just focus on how I want to use all you passed on to me,to help players & give back to the game. I want to make you proud🤗🧡

Starting the week catching up on The Punies😎💚

It’s game day baby🔥🔥🔥💙

Casino Arizona Field

2 years ago I was in Phoenix watching @phxrisingfc & showed off the new addition to my @didierdrogba shoulder😝 Tonight (tomorrow morning here in the UK) they go again to continue their 🔥🔥🔥 streak! Such an amazing group of men & supporters, I am honoured to wear the logo on my back! I wish I could be there♥️

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