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Globetrotter for discerning couples with adventurous souls. Made in Italy, based in San Francisco 🇺🇸 & Lake Como 🇮🇹 Next: Palm Springs, LA, Big Sur

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Positano, Italy

There has been a lot going on during this month. Lots of travels across the world and this “never stop life-style”, it’s been easy to forget to take care of myself. YES, AGAIN. Sometimes my mind gets so busy that I cannot even think about what’s next. It’s really difficult to be able to fully enjoy the place where I am. When I start to be in this state of mind, I take my phone (nope, not to look at instagram), put on my headphones and listen to one of my favorite programs of @headspace: happiness. It’s really hard to admit, but this year I’ve been driving most of my energy towards my job with the result that the time for the people who love me is limited. This is finally forcing me to be honest with myself and to take the courage to re-define the center of my internal balance and give more time to the people who really care about me. Happiness is helping me to realize that even a small action can be a huge thing for the people around me that support me everyday. I realize that during any given day, we can give to ourselves 20 seconds of pause...thinking about where we are, wha we are doing and a small action that can be beneficial to my relationships. So far it’s been a pleasant surprise :) A hug, a nice word, a gelato together or even a kiss on the cheek can be something that we can easily forget to do but and can easily make someone happy. So now, every time I have that feeling of frustration and overwhelming myself, I take 10, even 5 minutes to redirect my energy toward the people I love. It really can be everywhere. My last time was in Positano, in the middle of a working trip. You might think “why does Lilly need to meditate in the most beautiful place in the world?” Because no matter where we are, our mind can bring us down and we can easily forget to enjoy the present. Can you feel what I feel? Can you think about one simple task to do today to make somebody around you feel better? ,

Amalfi Coast

This is the end of an epic 3 days in the Amalfi Coast. We experienced their wedding in an old convent, we experienced a stunning sunset on a boat overlooking Positano, and we experienced this incredible sunrise session. Where I realized one more time, how grateful I am to my couples for having us. We share so many intense moments that the worst part is that when it’s time to say goodbye. But my goodbyes always turn into to an “arrivederci”, see you again soon! especially with a couple like this 💙 Planning: @sposiamovi Hmua: @alessandromancinohd • • • • •

Paraggi, Liguria, Italy

Buon Compleanno VIC! This picture is everything except a professional photo but is everything about US. This photo taken by my mom, with an IPhone, without considering the best light or any specific background. But today I want to show you little bit about us, the simple life behind the people who are always behind the camera, about Vic. My super awesome husband, my business man and my American dream come true. I wish we could stop time today, so we can live in a swimsuit and eat focaccia overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. But I also want to keep growing our love and build our future. I am proud of you and all the things you have done for me and for our business, that over the years become one of the most successful photography businesses in the world and I am so looking forward to explore, experience and expand in branches with you. As you always say, life is not about the destination but it is about the journey and I am glad to ride this life with you. With love, your Miele 🖤 • • • • • @couplegoals @couple

Borgo Di Castelvecchio

It’s been already one year since Danielle said yes to Scott at Borgo di Castelvecchio in the heart of Tuscany. 10 photos are not enough to describe how gorgeous and fun this wedding was but I’ll do my best to showcase some of my favorite moments ♥️ Planning: @weddingsintuscany Flowers. @fluidadesign Venue: @borgo_di_castelvecchio • • • • •

Amalfi Coast

Probably one of the most intimate and yet romantic elopements that have I ever photographed. Starting with reading their vows at sunrise and ending by riding a Vespa around the city of Amalfi. We totally embraced the vintage Italian vibes, we talked with locals, we received a lot of “congratulazioni alla sposa” and we had fun discovering uncommon places. I cannot thank you enough for having us, we really had a blast together, you are meant for a Vogue magazine cover!! • • • • •

Paghera Green Events

Today is more of wedding! Check out @paolaturany and see with your eyes what I saw on that day. Love, tears, smiles, doggies, stunning dresses and much more! E la mia frase che avrò ripetuto 100 volte al giorno del matrimonio .... “eh ma che bella sei...” Planning and styling @laiaia_official you know that I adore you so much!! Double tap to see all the vendors • • • • •


Portofino at 6am to catch the sunrise. Empty. You can only hear the sounds of the sea that gently splash along the port. The seagulls were going crazy trying to catch some fish. The honeybees were following us like they wanted to be part of this session. Silence. The smell of the fresh focaccia reminds us of the breakfast that we will have. And the sunrise light created the playful atmosphere that we wanted to start our morning . This was Portofino for Olivia and Kevin. • • • • •

Tesuque, New Mexico

I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. Maddie and Chris, I was waiting for their wedding since last summer when they got engaged in Matera. I still remember their happiness when we saw each other in Rome! We started to dream about their wedding while drinking a Prosecco overlooking the Fori Imperiali. And finally, this past weekend I saw tears of joy, laughter, happiness, love, friendship, all the feelings that you can think about surrounded by those beautiful colors of Santa Fe. New Mexico is one of my favorite places to be. It was such a pleasure to work again with @4theloveevents you plan and style this wedding so beautifully that my camera is a bloom of details :) Thank you @renegadefloral for painting with flowers, it is such a pleasure working together! • • • • •

I’ve been thinking a lot to do a post like this. Open myself up and let you know that facing the biggest challenge of my life has been exciting and extremely difficult at the same time. I am talking about being an entrepreneur, being a business owner, being the boss of myself and an artist. When I really started four years ago, I thought being a wedding photographer meant photographing a wedding and then delivering the gallery and done. That’s only part of the job. I started to be more busy and I quickly learned that this job is much more the photographing and’s about being present with clients, meeting vendors, answering emails, updating the website, Instagram, workshops, making the business run and grow is what takes all of my time all the time...I was so mentally busy that I haven’t had time for my family, for my dog, for my friends and not for myself. I totally forgot about me. I’ve been realizing that I must change something in order to have back the “always smiling” me. And this is why I accepted a partnership with @headspace Headspace is a meditation app that has lots of different themed sessions from dealing with stress to dealing with anxiety, and that’s exactly what I need for myself. The first thing I learned is that it is ok to have anxiety, it’s part of being human. My trouble is that I don’t know how to deal with. I’m hearing that it’s ok to be yourself, a feeling that I lost a little bit over the course of the years. I am learning to understand myself for the very first time... I am not a meditation or yoga person, but I am really curious to see what I am going to discover inside me. Because this world needs more mindful people than social media robots and fake insta realities. Check out the link in my story for 40% off between now and August 19th.

San Francisco, California

The beauty of being a photographer is that as much as we prepare for a session, you have to keep an eye to the gifts that will come only in that specific moment. It can be a particular light coming through the clouds, it can be a strong gust of wind, or it can be a massive storm of seagulls sitting on the beach that are waiting for you. And then arrives the question... “Are you scared of birds?” The answer that Ashly and Adam gave to me is in these pictures. • • • •

Matera, Italy

The beauty of light in the darkness is something that speaks very loudly to me. To photograph a boudoir session, you have to be able to join your spirit with the woman you have in front of you, only like this you can capture her soul. Let your heart speak for you, let the details create the story, get lost into the session and magic will happen. Thank you @beneventplanner for taking care about this eternal boudoir session. Hair and Makeup: @massimoferraronihairspa @francescochironnabeautymakeup Venue: @sextantio in the magical city of Matera • • • • •

Paghera Green Events

It’s been only/already one month?? And the more I edit @paolaturani and @rickyserpella wedding, the more I think about their faces when they are going to receive the full gallery very soon!! Here are my 3 tips I always give to my clients when they receive the gallery: 1. Open the link when you have time to sit and relax. 2. Open a bottle of your favorite wine and pour a glass. 3. Enjoy! Thank you to @laiaia_official for planning this incredible wedding and to all her super team that was incredibly helpful on this day! 💜 I love you all! • • • • •

Lake Como , Italy

It’s already been one year since that afternoon with Vivien and Jason. We did my favorite thing to do in Lake Como: took a boat from Bellagio to see my favorite small towns and catch the last sunset light. Having a boat in Como is a must!! Don’t you agree? 😎 • • • • •

Oahu, Hawaii

Working on this wedding with a smile on my face. Constantly. If you ask me what I love most about this job, it’s the memories that I create with my camera. For my clients, but also the constant reminder that a wedding is just the start of a life together, a life that is evolving with our partner. A relationship that keeps growing everyday, through all the next chapters of life. This is something that I see in myself and I really enjoy every single moment of that. Can we all agree on that? Thank you for planning such a wonderful wedding @opihilove • • • •

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

It is my super great honor to share a story with you. A story about a couple that decided to having us document their pre wedding session. 3 days, 4 locations, around Utah and Arizona. 3 wedding dresses, 1 amazingly excited couple and 2 super excited photographers. Are you ready to see what we have created? In this gallery, Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Park. • • • • •

Lake Como

On the left ,the lake. On the right, the villa. And in the middle, the wedding of Marisa & Mike. We totally had a blast together. If there is a wedding photographer for each couple, we can say that we were a match..Not to mention that working with this team was like being surrounded by your best friends. Thank you for having us ♥️ Planning and Design: @beneventplanner Flowers: @chiaraspertifloralevents • • • • •

Paghera Green Events

How can I edit these photos without smiling? You should see my face right now, I am in photography heaven. An unleashed @paolaturani enjoying the last part of her wedding day wearing her third wedding dress that follows her in each movement.. it’s hard to believe that it’s been only two weeks... can we go back in time? 🙄 Dress: @ateliereme Planning and design: @laiaia_official Flowers: @giardinidigiava Ribbon: @allegoria_textile_delights • • • • •

Ibiza, Spain

Throwback to almost one month ago... that sunset in Ibiza, the day before they got married. I took them for a quick couple’s session and they brought me to a place where they built memories over years. I like to think that those photos will be part of those memories and somehow I will be forever part of their lives. • • • • •

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