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Elena leni Rossi

. Costumes maker . Period costume lover & textile consumer . Teacher

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■3/ Portnahaven seaside, Islay, agosto2019

■2/ magma_ ph ChiaraZonca

■1/ sotto il Grand Combin, Valle d'Aosta, agosto2019

■ with that?

■ There's a little place, a place called space It's a pretty little place, it's across the tracks Across the tracks and the name of the place is you like it like that On the night, in the eye of the forest There's a mare black and shining with yellow hair I put my fingers through her silken hair and found a stair I didn't waste time, I just walked right up and saw that Up there, there is a sea The sea's the possibility

■ scotland / the day after ⚡ So grateful to for the time spent in your amazing studio

■ CECI n'est pas un houmus🍴 dotazioni alternative @moth_dance

■ Kishin Shinoyama, Over a fence, 1969

■ Kishin Shinoyama, Twin, 1969

■ railRRROAR ⚡ lakedistrict

■ meaningful // @islaywoollenmill

■ longing / a place to be

🔺 Pleated structures masterclass with Caroline Bartlett

🔺 Heat printing masterclass with Caroline Bartlett

🔺 Heat printing masterclass with Caroline Bartlett

■ Scotland yard a noi due

■ 'Wild Frau' / Maddalena, 1490 ▶@museodeltessuto , da 'Le vesti del peccato', Sara Piccolo Paci

■ Azdore con furor

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