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For a good time. 21+ For more pretty things to make you happy, follow @edie_parker 👛

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Cherry season is never over, because we said so. Cop our sweet key fobs—and other necessary accessories—on the site.

We buddied up with Brooklyn artist @paularnholdglass on a ~dope~ collaboration of one-of-a-kind bongs that will for sure be a ~hit~ at any and every party. Tap the link in bio to get yours now!

NYC flower children! Join us TODAY for an in-store tie dye party with @earthen_warrior! We'll have all natural dyes in gorgeous hues, and white tees will be available for dipping. 781 Madison Avenue, 11am–2pm. Bring your buds!

NYC friends! Join us tomorrow at the store for 🌈TIE DYE🌈 with @earthen_warrior! We'll have natural plant-based dyes and white tees ready for dipping. 781 Madison Avenue, 11am–2pm.

Our personal color theory? The brighter the better. Especially when it comes to frozen cocktails and fruit-forward Flower accessories. (Like the glass fruit pipes on our website. 😜)

You'll flip over our Glass Tip. It helps your joint burn longer and makes for easy sharing.

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

Nature's candy. (Image via @cannastyle by @lifteddladies)

Four-day work week again, please. Let's start a campaign in the comments. (Image via

Look a-peel-ing? Our hand blown glass fruit pipes are available online and at the @edieparker store—go bananas.

File under: Venice circa '83 neon flower-fueled daydream. ✨

Pre-rolling is the new pre-gaming. 🍬

Gift idea for your favorite Virgo. Fruit pipes hand blown in Eugene, Oregon by @humbleprideglass.

Slow your roll! The perfect joint takes time and patience. Arrange your carefully, then use the tip to create tension and smooth any crinkles.

Mood. (Image via @mr.babies)

Beach daze. Don't forget your SPF this hoilday weekend—or your one-hitter.

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