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Building a Stronger Chicago | Enjoying Motherhood | Co-Founder of @13thflow | @underarmour
30 W Garfield Blvd Chicago, Illinois

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In my late teens I went through multiple ACL tears and subsequent surgeries. I’ve had grafts from cadaver tissue, my patella tendon, and my hamstring tendon. After the left hamstring tendon was used for a graft, my left hamstring has never caught up in strength to my right. None of those specifics actually matter in my day to day life. All that matters is that I stay vigilant about the specific strength work I need to do to support my knees, and by extension support all the activities I enjoy. It’s a process of self exploration to determine what your routing should look like, but it *can* be done. Sometimes people get tied up in defining themselves by their limitations/past injuries, etc., that they close off to that exploration and miss out on feeling great. You have the power to feel good, or at least significantly better, but it takes work.

Always working on skill and strength development.

I haven’t been doing the best job taking care of myself the past couple of days, and I feel it in my and my spirit. The only thing to do is allow myself to ebb and flow, and keep moving forward. Sometimes the steps to feeling better can be as simple as drinking some water, deep breathing, or a hot shower. Other times it’s getting in a full workout. One step at a time. Today’s @13thFlow 4Function conditioning: 5 Sets 5 Burpees over the Bar 10 Extended V-crunches 6 Power Cleans 3 Push Jerks :60 rest

Taking a moment in the sun while I wait for my son. Thinking about what balance is in life right now. I’ve accepted over the years that balance at any given point is actually quite imbalanced if you look at it as distributing resources equally. Balance is what’s working best for everyone’s well-being. Different needs at different phases. When Asa was a baby, I noticed that as soon as we got into a rhythm, something would shift and that rhythm would have to change. 12 years later and between my own life and his various stages, it still holds true. Surrendering to that is powerful. Keep moving, keep adjusting, keep growing.

@13thflow ・・・ Fave moves: 90 Degree Turn-ups, performed by @eakinwale ______________________________ The solution to joint isn’t to avoid movement or mask the with medication. We need to address strength imbalances, range of motion limitations, and re-train movement patterns to support healthy joint functioning. Our FAST program offers the opportunity to systematically approach these needs and stay ahead of the curve, allowing participants to be prepared for all the activities they pursue inside & outside the gym. Building integrated, connected, balanced bodies @13thflow.

When you’re supposed to be cleaning, but you decide to play first.

How we go on dates right now. Grind mode with trying to get this gym going means making quality time out of anything we can. I see Kevin every day, but I still miss him because we’re always running in separate directions trying to get it done. We love a good workout together.

4 FAST at @13thflow, part of my daily routine that I LOVE ❤️ 🖤💛💚

Working through a tough 24:00 AMRAP of: 300m Run 15 Push Jerks 300m Run 15 Front Squats 300m Run 15 Toes to Bar

Happy remembering when I paused in the entry way of @powwowgroundscoffee to take this photo, and @southside.asa read it & made the simple observation, “that’s true.”

Clips from working out in our classes this morning...there’s more footage over on the @13thflow IG story. I love how well our 4Function, 4FAST, and FAST Forward class options compliment each other, allowing everyone to get the best training FOR THEM, while still reaping the benefits of training in a group setting and getting great coaching.

Some clips from Kevin’s birthday workout yesterday. Celebrating 48 years, born 8/29/71. _________________________ 48 Box Jumps 8 Muscle UPS 29 Rope Climbs 71 Power Cleans 48 Push Jerks 8 Wheel Barrow 29 Burpees over the Barbell 71 GHD Sit-ups _________________________ This isn’t the type of workout I would program on many occasions. I wouldn’t call this smart programming because it’s not a specific part of a progressive program, which is what I promote for training. This is a relatively random selection of movements I wanted us to do, in a rep scheme corresponding to Kevin’s birthday. __________________________ The way we train on a day to day basis is not random. A program is progressive and requires specific inputs to yield predictable outcomes. I love that our daily program prepares us to do random workouts at times, and though legitimate training is not random it should leave space for play, exploration and fun! ___________________________

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