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Dorell Wright

Former NBA player, father, husband, strong believer in fate and fine dining. Had to be my way or the highway man!

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Had to be my way or the highway man Doing a contest next week affiliated with @thoseladsontour Tune in if you want to win a pair of yeezys or Jordan’s y’all

Crazy how fast life moves. Lil bro making big moves.

Shades Cartier but the shirt 20$.. weird flex but okay 😂

Y’all forgot I had gains or what?! in my in my

Best moment of my life so far. Thanks for supporting me thru thick and thin! Even when I goof off now and then.

Proud of the way dis guy be ballin’.

Most casual photo shoot ever lol

Life's like a business. Take care of it 👌🏾

Shoutouts to y'all who still keeping up with the original 3 pt slasher

Lol back when I thought mug shots were cool.

Can't wait for this season yall, I love me some balling and some courting.

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