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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Several techniques are used in order to dry hardwood flooring. The most popular of these techniques is tenting the area to be dried with plastic sheeting (6mil). The plastic is affixed to the floor with adhesive and/or duct tape. The tent decreases the total volume of air to be dried and provides a controllable drying environment. Dehumidification and air movement are placed in the tent to remove excess moisture.To monitor the drying process simply shut equipment down,install a heavy duty zipper,take readings-close zipper-turn on equipment,it’s that easy.If you need help with disaster cleanup you should call a water damage professional.Drytech Restoration Services.(610)304-5117

Radnor, Pennsylvania

If plywood sub floors have been wet for less than 72 hours they can be saved with water extraction and the correct drying procedures and methods such as (dehumidification,air movement,tenting,targeted drying etc.)depending on the situation and category of loss.If plywood has been exposed to water for longer than 72 hours it needs to be a judgment call on whether they can be saved or not. Plywood varies based on the glues used to bond the layers together and some plywood is a lot more porous than other which increases water absorption and hence damage.Once the plywood sub floor is dry it should be inspected for further damage before laying the finished flooring down over it.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117 #

Limerick, Pennsylvania

If plaster and lath walls are damaged by clean water, consider drilling holes in each stud cavity section from the bottom and top of walls,Set up your dry air to go in on bottom of wall,then set up your suction to go in on the top of the wall under lower pressure differentials,this will create the chimney effect for faster evaporation of water molecules inside of the wall. If you need help with water damage you should call a professional company for help.Drytech Restoration Services

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The shorter the drying time, the better the chances of saving water damaged flooring, walls, furniture, and other items. Drying chambers have many benefits, but the most important is how they address the way drying occurs, increasing the speed, and ensuring the affected areas are treated adequately by monitoring the humidity, airflow, and temperature (HAT ).Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

The Adaptidry is another example of Injectidry’s specialised drying equipment. It achieves high efficiency by dispersing intense drying power simultaneously to multiple areas around the room. It creates more pressure or vacuum suction within walls and without drilling holes making it more effective than other vent systems. It is also great for drying out sports courts and gymnasiums.If you need specialty drying of wood floors,gymnasiums,cabinets etc. Call us DryTech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

In the end it is the restorer’s responsibility to balance the material water content and drying temperature with the moisture removal rate based on the equipment available... all the while keeping in mind what temperature the site’s materials can support without being damaged. These factors all work together to determine your optimal setup for the current conditions on the job.Drytech Restoration Services (610)34-5117


It should be noted that in a negative pressure set up, the air drawn into the affected area is untreated and can add to the moisture load. A negative pressure drying environment should have containment and dehumidification set up.To further concentrate the low humidity air, tenting can be used to reduce the volume of the affected floor area.If you need assistance with water removal or flood drying you should call a water damage restoration professional for help.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Drywall with flat paint and fiberglass insulation paper backing can be successfully dried using positive and negative air pressure differentials or stand alone pressurizing methods with dehumidified air.If you need help with a flood or water loss you should call your local certified water remediation company for help as soon as possible.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The severity of damage escalates the longer water sits and building components and contents stay wet,so time is of the essence in the aftermath of a water damage flood . In fact, mold will grow within 48-72 hours, so aim to start removing water and drying the environment within 48 hours.We are available 24/7 Emergency Response.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sewage contains bacteria, parasites, and mold that pose a significant health risk. A sewer damage problem can manifest itself in a number of ways. The damage could affect your toilet, tub or sink drains subtly. You may notice that you have difficulty when you flush the toilet. The water may take a long time to flow downward. In the worst cases, contaminated water can come back up from your drains, which will cause bacteria and fungi infected water to flow onto your floor and other areas. Such a situation is extremely dangerous for the inhabitants of your home and any customers that may use the facilities in your building. Hiring a professional sewage remediation service is of the utmost importance and should be implemented as soon as possible.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117 #

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Tenting techniques assist in drying wood flooring to speed up drying process this is utilize only on a category 1 water loss situation.When a water damage occurs on hard wood flooring, it is important to extract the water as quickly as possible.We advise anyone with wet wood floors to call a professionals in the restoration industry for help.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117 #

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

How to Create a Structural Drying Vortex Step 1 – Get the facts with your Moisture Meters. Extract as much water as possible (It’s 500 times more efficient to extract than to dry.) Step 2 – Create a drying plan applying Psychrometrics. Step 3 – Install the equipment needed to do the job as quickly as possible. Step 4 – Isolate the area to be dried. Turn on the equipment to create the drying VORTEX. Step 5 – Chase the moisture until it’s eliminated/taking and recording Psychrometric readings every day. If you need help with special drying situations you should call your local water damage restoration company for help.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Radnor, Pennsylvania

Water damage restoration professionals use moisture meters and infared cameras to establish drying goals for the restoration work they are carrying out. They will compare moisture content conditions in the areas they are working to restore with moisture content in unaffected parts of the building to make sure their cleanup process is thorough and complete.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Upper Hanover Twp

What happens when a hot water heater explodes?When a water heater bursts, the cause is not always apparent. A malfunctioning thermostat could cause the heating element to overheat the water, making the volume inside of the tank too much for the seams to hold, or a fitting may have corroded, causing a major leak. ... Move quickly to disable a burst hot water heater. Shut main water supply and power off to home and contact a water mitigation company right away.If your not sure how to shut main water supply or power off call 911.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Red Hill, Pennsylvania

Dangers of crawlspace water extraction:Confined spaces may contain hazardous atmospheres, including insufficient oxygen, toxic (poisonous) air, or an explosive atmosphere. These spaces may also have physical hazards that may result, for example, in workers fainting,being crushed or buried, or drowning. These hazards may not be obvious. Breached HVAC ductwork might allow for unhealthy air to be released into the home,electrical shock,snakes,spiders,mold and structural damage to sub flooring and framing can lead to excessive wood damage. If you have water in your crawl space, it’s important to act fast and call a professional water mitigation company for help.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Will an HVAC system affect the drying chambers?If it’s running, yes. An HVAC that has a return supply located inside the drying chambers is going to affect it.It is also important to note that HVAC systems run very differently in dry versus wet environments.Operating them during a drying effort could freeze up the evaporator coil inside the building and damage the system.We strongly encourage you to check with an HVAC specialist and keep an eye on the evaporator coil. Either way, you’re taking a risk conducting the job because the HVAC will be given a harder workout than it was generally designed for.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In order for air flow to be effective, it requires contact with the wet surface to displace the moisture which can then be treated with dehumidification . Containing the area in a drying chamber ensures you can control the internal environment to meet your desired drying goal outcome.If you need help with water-fire or flood call your local water damage experts.Drytech Restoration Services (610)304-5117

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