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Emmy Award winning actress Sony/Disruptor artist currently Clara in The Light in the Piazza

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sake aviator

one of my favorite songs of all time & part 2 (of __??) in music month . link in bio 🏹

street demon

i like the last one cause i feel like if you zoom you can see we’re laughing . thank you @teamlab.planets 💫 ps: @kennyortegablog we’re thinking of you !!

thank you so much @teamlab tokyo for opening up just for us , it made our trip so special. definitely one of our favorite things we did @teamlab_borderless @teamlab.planets


meanwhile : inside my brain

guess who loves his gift from japan (no you guys i did not buy thomas a cat. this is my cat of 5 years. the gift is the hat. on the cat . bye)

bobbin and weavin through negative energy like . yikes !!

way up high

a love story

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